Write for us

By PopLurker Staff


Thank you for your interest in contributing to PopLurker! We are a Pop Culture Comedy site that was founded in January 2018 by author/writer Loryn Stone.

Before checking out what sort of articles we’re seeking and questions you might have, we will tell you upfront:

PopLurker cannot afford regularly pay contributing writers. As our Patreon grows, we can dole out “allowances” to writers at best, but business expenses come first, such as the cost of domain and materials. PopLurker is a labor of love and all contributing artists and writers donate to the site for experience, visibility, and because they love what we do! No one on staff gets paid! It is important to us to remain transparent because asking people to work for free while the big guys make money is total bullshit.


Hell yeah you do! This is the rowdiest table in the cafeteria filled with happy nerds who are just a little too please with themselves.


What PopLurker is Looking For:

  • Fan Theories with or without concrete evidence. If you can carry your point through an entire post and it makes sense, I want to see it. If it’s a franchise I’m not familiar with, please be prepared to answer my dumb-dumb questions!
  • Columns/articles about media, old and new. Television, anime, cartoons, pop culture, music, movies, video games, books, comics, etc. The catch here is they cannot be summary. We want your facts seasoned with your voice and personal anecdotes. Not anecdotes sprinkled with facts.
  • Deconstructing tropes and social norms
  • Retrospective Columns that aren’t one-note personal experiences (Nostalgia welcome!)
  • Food and beverage pieces with an interesting perspective. We have lots of love for coffee, beer, whiskey, and other tasty delights! Food is a PopLurker favorite!
  • Columns that make fun of ridiculous products geared toward niche audiences (advertisements, catalogs, commercials, etc.)
  • Unique Personal Experiences. I want to hear stories regarding your strangest jobs, hobbies, cosplaying, your weird collections, ghostly encounters, strangest things that happened on vacation, etc. I want deeper stories about your life as a member of a certain race, religion, sexuality, mental illness or disability, fetishes, drug use, loss, or parenting children with unique challenges.
  • New interview subjects (per approval)
  • Convention coverage (Press Passes provided to seasoned writers who we’ve built a relationship with)
  • Surprises that aren’t necessarily listed here, so don’t be afraid to pitch something new!

What PopLurker is NOT Looking For

  • Highly Fact-Based articles that require excessive academic research
  • Countdowns of the best/worst of something unless they’re super weird, funny, specific, or have a twist
  • Opinion pieces
  • Poetry or fictional short stories
  • Advice columns
  • Travel blogs without a personal, humorous, or anecdotal edge
  • Articles that are staunchly political without any sort of tie in to a social issue/group/or piece of entertainment
  • Writing about writing (tips and tricks)
  • Hate propaganda that denigrates any religious or social group
  • Personal stories about Rape, Murder, or Children getting hurt. Really…stay out of my bubble. Please don’t let me know you exist.

So…Are You Ready to Pitch to PopLurker!?!?!

If you have a topic in mind that you didn’t see above that you think would make a good contribution to PopLurker, give it a shot and just pitch it!

We’re open to seeing what nice little surprises lurk upon us! The worst we can say is No thank you and no one’s day is ruined. We’re all just people- let’s work together and throw an awesome party.


Submission Requirements:

Send an email to PopLurker@gmail.com with PITCH in the subject line and your topic.

Just as a caveat: Please do not pitch if you cannot follow through with your article! If your article is approved, please make time to write it. PopLurker is open about our inability to pay contributors OR Staff. However, we adhere to a strict calendar and depend on the material we’re given to organize a publishing schedule. 

Thank you in advance for your respect and consideration.

  • When pitching, give me a brief overview of your topic, plus any helpful quotes/images supporting your subject. This does not have to be hours of work. After all, this is unpaid. However, it’s your job as the writer to help us clearly see your vision and get us excited for your article.
  • You don’t need to have tons of jokes in the pitch. We just want to hear your idea and your voice. Jokes can be fleshed out and punched up when you get the chance to write the piece. After all, we’re all here for the lol’s, right?!
  • People tend to like List-Based articles and columns. We’ll feel it out together if your pitch would work better in this format or not.

Questions You Might Have

Q: Does contributing to the website pay?

A: No. Sadly, none of us gets paid! PopLurker is a labor of love that receives a few thousand hits per month, depending on the popularity of the topics. The site is newly monetized and we are gratefully gathering Patrons but we have no funds at this time. Once we have a predictable and steady income, regardless of the amount, we fully intend to pay all contributing writers and artist as much as the budget allows!

You’ll also get access to our writers’/patron Discord chat. Note that the conversation gets rowdy in there. We Lurkers are insane.

Q: What do I get out of contributing to your website?

A: Sometimes the only thing holding us back is the fear that nobody cares about what we have to say. With us, you don’t have to worry about that. By pitching to PopLurker, you’ll learn how to use your words to get us excited about what you want to write. You’ll get gentle, straightforward feedback from our editor about why your idea will or won’t work for PopLurker. You’ll also gain editorial feedback about your actual writing.

You will then have your own Author’s Page on the Site with direct links to the work you’ve written for PopLurker.

You can take advantage of our/our editor’s platform and gain new followers for your own website or social media. You can pitch as many or as few topics to us as you want. If you have the time and desire to become a regular, unpaid contributor, that’s beautiful and we love you. If you decide you want to do it once and it’s too much like homework, we get that too.

Work within your comfort level!

Q: What do YOU get if I contribute to PopLurker?

A: We want content written by a variety of voices. We want to become better editors. We want to make this website an incredible place to visit.

It’s really that simple.


Q: What are your editor’s qualifications to guide and fix-up my work?

A: Loryn Stone has 25 years of writing experience under her belt; she started writing when she was seven and hasn’t stopped since. But less anecdotally and more specifically her qualifications are:

  • I have a BA in Creative Writing from California State University Northridge.
  • I wrote Training Manuals for Bank of America while leading a team of 60 specialists. I know how to organize individuals, conduct meetings, and communicate ideas to many varieties of people.
  • I have written THREE Young Adult Novels, One of which is getting published!
  • I developed THREE separate cartoon pitches. One I was commissioned to help with and it was optioned for pilot by Cartoon Network.
  • I have experience writing cartoon scripts and episode pitches
  • I am an experienced book reader and beta-reader
  • I have brainstormed with friends in the animation industry on how to fix their scripts and stories
  • My work has been featured on websites like Cracked.com, LoadScreen.au, and The Blog of Heavy Metal
  • I have a really cool website of my own
  • Hopefully, you like me! (No point to pitch to me otherwise!)

Good luck! We can’t wait to hear from you.

If you like what you see here, you can follow PopLurker on Twitter,Facebook, and Instagram!

Statement: PopLurker is not owned by a corporation. We are a small collective of writers trying to make content that will make the internet a happier place. We have one editor and two content consultants. When you show our Patreon some love, you’re supporting the little guy whose sole mission is to help make your day a little brighter. If you’re able to, please contribute so we can continue making more hilarious content!



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