Write for us

By PopLurker Staff


**Effective July 1st, 2018 PopLurker is no longer accepting pitches**

We will update this page when/if that changes. Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to PopLurker! We are a Pop Culture Comedy site that was founded in January 2018 by author/writer Loryn Stone.

Before checking out what sort of articles we’re seeking and questions you might have, we will tell you upfront:

PopLurker cannot afford regularly pay contributing writers. As our Patreon grows, we can dole out “allowances” to writers at best, but business expenses come first, such as the cost of domain and materials. PopLurker is a labor of love and all contributing artists and writers donate to the site for experience, visibility, and because they love what we do! No one on staff gets paid! It is important to us to remain transparent because asking people to work for free while the big guys make money is total bullshit.

DO YOU WANNA BE A LURKER?! Hell yeah you do! This is the rowdiest table in the cafeteria filled with happy nerds who are just a little too pleased with themselves.

Submission Requirements:

Send an email to PopLurker@gmail.com with PITCH in the subject line and your topic. When pitching, give us a brief overview of your topic, the main points you’re going to hit, plus any helpful quotes/images supporting your subject.  Help us see your vision.

Just as a caveat: Please do not pitch if you cannot follow through with your article! If your article is approved, please make time to write it. PopLurker is open about our inability to pay contributors OR Staff. However, we adhere to a strict calendar and depend on the material we’re given to organize a publishing schedule. 

Thank you in advance for your respect and consideration.


What PopLurker is Looking For:

  • New blurbs and hot takes
  • Fan Theories, with or without concrete evidence. Crazy is welcome.
  • Columns/articles about media, old and new. Television, anime, cartoons, pop culture, music, movies, video games, books, comics, etc. The catch here is they cannot be summary. You’re a person with unique outlooks and a voice- don’t copy Wikipedia.
  • Deconstructing Tropes and Social Norms
  • Retrospective Columns (Nostalgia welcome!)
  • Sex-Positive and Adult-Geared articles
  • Food and beverage pieces with an interesting perspective. We have lots of love for coffee, beer, whiskey, and other tasty delights! Food is a PopLurker favorite!
  • Columns that make fun of ridiculous products geared toward niche audiences (advertisements, catalogs, commercials, etc.)
  • Unique Personal Experiences
  • New Interview Subjects (per approval)
  • Friday Comedy Countdown material
  • Select satire (pitch it and make us laugh)
  • Anime Convention and Comic Con coverage (Press Passes provided to seasoned writers with whom who we’ve built a relationship)
  • Surprises that aren’t necessarily listed here, so don’t be afraid to pitch something new! LGBTQIA+ and all lifestyles/POVs are welcome. 


What PopLurker is NOT Looking For

  • Highly Fact-Based articles that require excessive academic research
  • Poetry or fictional short stories
  • Advice columns
  • Travel blogs without a personal, humorous, or anecdotal edge
  • Articles that are staunchly political without any sort of tie in to a social issue/group/or piece of entertainment
  • Writing about writing (tips and tricks)
  • Hate propaganda that denigrates any religious or social group
  • Personal stories about Rape, Murder, or Children getting hurt. Really…stay out of our bubble.



Good luck! We can’t wait to hear from you.



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Statement: PopLurker is not owned by a corporation. We are a small collective of writers trying to create content that will make the internet a happier place. When you show our Patreon some love or even just Buy us a Coffee on Ko-Fi, you’re helping out the little guy who just wants to make your day awesome. Please contribute so we can keep creating hilarious content!


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