15 Worst Sexual Fetishes Ever Projected Onto Us

By PopLurker Readers


Sexy-time fetishes.

Everyone has a right to the things they’re into. As long as everyone is of age, consenting, and safe, the sky’s the limit as far as sexual creativity can go. After all, good sex is good sex and it comes in all sorts of surprising shapes, packages, and acts.

That said, have you ever had someone just decide you’re the one who’s going to make all their weird fetishes come true? Like, they project that shit onto you before you’ve even had time for your coffee to cool down?

I wondered if I was alone in this phenomenon or if it happens on the regular. Thus, I heeded the call to action and threw this question out to the PopLurker Readers:

What were some of the strangest sexual fetishes that were uninvitingly projected onto you?

The answers received were nothing short of incredible.



I once dated someone who asked me to dump a gallon of milk on my body. I declined, but when I went home, I had to look it up to see if it was a real thing. Low and behold, it was: Milk Porn is a real thing.




I’m an artist, and one time I was asked to draw this wolf with big feet. I was like, okay, seems harmless enough. Then the same guy kept asking me to draw more and more and even more weirder scenarios, like getting them tied and tickled and stuff like that, asking me to make the feet bigger and bigger until I ultimately said I just can’t do this anymore.




The stupid school girl outfit. That might be someone else’s thing, but keep that one away from me.



Don’t even begin to get me started on guys who see transgender women as a fetish (chasers). They are so so creepy, have asked really gross questions about my body, and acted like I’m some exotic piece of meat and that I should feel grateful to them for their attention. Because I’m trans they act like supposed to have no self esteem and/or interested in sex work and they act like so it’s okay to treat me any way they like.





I went on a blind date and wore a pair of super tight, shiny leather pants. Like the kind from The Matrix. My date was super into them. To the point where every date we went on, he was obsessively asking about these pants. Yeah, it was very creepy and we didn’t go out again after that.




It’s always a little unsettling when someone lays out their kink cards the first time they ever send you a message.




I’ve been asked in the act to violently slap the guy across the face. I wouldn’t do it. 




A date asked me once if we could roleplay. I was like yeah, I’m down…then he asked if I could pretend I was his daughter. Like hardcore daddy/daughter fetish — pigtails and little girl pajamas. Needless to say, I didn’t show up to that dinner date. WTF!




I can’t stand it when a guy sticks me in a dress or skirt in his fantasies and tells me about it. It’s so generic and anyone who knows me is very aware that I don’t do dresses or skirts. I get the appeal, and hell, I love seeing women in dresses and skirts, too! But for me, it’s so impersonal.




Rape scenario fetish…sorry hun, I’m down for pretty much anything, but I can’t get into that.




I was asked to shit in someone’s mouth.




An older man came into my job. He was in thigh high boots, a see-thru dress, naked under, with a butt plug/flogger in his ass telling me he wanted to make me and my boyfriend his submissives.




Because I’m a professional masseuse, I get “happy endings” requests projected onto me.




I dated a girl who had a dreadlock fetish. She hounded me to dread my hair because it turned her on so much. Reluctantly, I finally did it. We broke up soon after.




STAY AWAY FROM MY BUTT HOLE! That is an exit only for me. Don’t massage it, don’t lick it, don’t even think about it. That’s what I have a clitoris and pussy for!


Well when you put it that way…


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