17 Worst Food Traumas that Ever Happened to Us!

By PopLurker Readers


Food: It doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. In a perfect world, the execution works out as thus: Step One, you get hungry. Step Two, you eat a thing. Step Three, you walk away full and satiated.

Unfortunately, disaster can strike at any time.

Was the food rotten? Did you have a visceral reaction against it? Or was it just too strange or outside of your mouth’s cultural comfort sphere? We at PopLurker asked our readers for their worst/most traumatic food experiences, and these answers were nothing short of delicious!


17) Tofu-Pie

17 tofu pie

“I keep vegan, and a friend of mine tried to make me a tofu pie for dessert one time. The texture was terrible, like thick mucous and snot. I choked down two pieces of snot-pie because I was so touched by her effort.”


16) Pig Rectum

16 Pork Rectum

“I had pig rectum in Japan once. It didn’t ruin my day, but it was a little more chewy than you’d want rectum to be.”


15) Menudo

15 Menudo

“I used to think I was going to be the next girl version of Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods. I went through a phase where I was trying every strange food I could find. Then menudo happened. And it stunk like the inside of a body. Never again.”


14) Dollar Store Cheese

14 American-Shreds

“It’s not cheese. It doesn’t melt. And it crumbles when you try to chew it. Disgusting. My god it’s traumatizing. Here I was thinking I was a smart shopper.”


13) Off-Brand Chex Mix

13 Generic Chex

“There was an unbelievably trauma inducing off-brand Chex mix my father bought when I was really young. It tasted so terrible that my mother and I refused to eat it, which upset my father who insisted it was fine. That is, until he ate it, gagged and coughed, and then threw it in the field for crows.”


12) Salt Substitute

12 Salt Sub

“This is a real thing. I think it was potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride. They used to recommend it to people with high blood pressure and no zest for life. I’m nauseous, I’m nauseous!”


11) Not So-Chocolate Chips

11 chocolate

“Staying over at my dad’s old house, late one night, I got a sweet tooth. I went searching in his cabinets and saw a bag of Hershey’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. Greedily I tossed a handful in my mouth and realized as they hit my tongue that they were infested with boll weevils.”


10) Chicken McNuggets

10 nuggets

“The last two times I ate them, I evacuated from both ends. Never again.”


9) Silkworm Pupae Soup

9 silkworm

“I had it at a restaurant in Korea Town. I no longer accept dares of any kind.”


8) Milkshakes

8 milkshakes

“I don’t jam with milkshakes. I know that’s weird but feeling like you gotta drink something that has the consistency of chowder soup through a straw is my nightmare.”


7) Gas Station Sushi

6 sushi

“Let’s just say it ruined my week.”


6) Yams

7 yams

“Yams… evil, vile, demonic yams. My malevolent step-father saw that I would gag whenever I tried to eat yams so force feeding me cans of yams until I threw up then making me clean it became one of his favorite forms of punishment. To this day the smell alone makes me gag.”


5) Not So rEGGular

5 chicken egg

“When I was 6 my family got some eggs from the farm across the street. One of the eggs was fertilized. That chicken embryo in the frying pan ruined eggs for me for 30 years.”


4) (Spicy?) Fish Tacos

4 Fish tacos

“I ate spicy fish tacos once that I thought tasted really good. Then I found out they weren’t supposed to be spicy, the fish used was just old & riddled with bacteria. I had to go to the hospital!”


3) Black-Tea Preserved Duck Eggs

3 Century Egg

“Also called Century-Eggs. Taste was like rotting garbage water. I could taste it every time I exhaled for the entire day.”


2) The Cursed Beef-Stick

2 beef stick

“Got a beef stick once from a questionable gas station and it was terrible. Looked at the ingredients and the main one was “beef lips”. The cats and dog wouldn’t touch it either.”


1) Pickled Pig’s Feet

1 Pig feet

“Had to eat them in a dare and then after that all I could taste was slime.”


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