Enter PopLurker’s VERY FIRST Giveaway!

By PopLurker Staff

 PopLurker Giveaway.jpg

Hello, and welcome to PopLurker’s VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! We are hosting this giveaway to promote site visibility and grow the LURKER Community! It’s also a chance for us to THANK the group of pre-dedicated Lurkers who visit our page regularly and support the work that we do!


3rd Place Prize = Skeletor Funko Pop

2nd Place Prize= 8-Bit Freddy Krueger Funko Pop

1st Place Prize= The Royal Family 3-Pack Hot Topic Exclusive (Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady, and King Endymion)

This Giveaway will run for TWO WEEKS from 2/2/18 – 2/16/18

The PopLurker Giveaway is open to mainland US Residents Only! Until we have budget to cover broader shipping we are not able to send items internationally, which unfortunately includes Canada! This makes us sad because we love our Canadian Lurkers!!! But we thank you in advance for understanding!


You have 2 chances to win one of three prizes!

Follow PopLurker on Twitter, RETWEET the Giveaway Post, and @3 FRIENDS = 1 Entry

Follow PopLurker on Facebook, SHARE the Giveaway Post, and @3 FRIENDS = 1 Entry

Then tag 3 friends in one of these Twitter and/or Facebook posts advertising this giveaway.

That’s all you have to do! We will choose 3 winners COMPLETELY AT RANDOM!


The Winners’ Names will be announced and posted RIGHT HERE on Friday, February 16th 2018! Once the winners are announced, said winners can email us at PopLurker@gmail.com with personal information so we can send you your prize! If you want, a little personalized letter will be included written by Loryn Stone in her terrible, chicken scratch garbage handwriting.

*There is no correlation between POPLURKER and Funko Pop. These are just rare Pops and we (Loryn and Breana) thought they would make great prizes.


So…you ready to win? Let the contest begin….



 Loryn and Bree

-Loryn Stone and Breana Ceballos, PopLurker Staff-


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