23 Fashion and Beauty Trends that Infuriate Us!

By PopLurker Readers


The best thing about most beauty and fashion trends is when they go away. Certain products and aesthetics explode into popularity, often without warning. And just when we think we can’t take anymore, when we think we’re so dreadfully sick of a certain clothing item or makeup look…we find ourselves wearing the damn thing. Just twisting and writhing in discomfort, rubbing our makeup off our eyes, waiting for the moment we can just go home and take off our damn bras.

We at PopLurker are all about living the pants-free life. So, we asked our readers what trends drive them to their dark place and some of the answers they gave us were gold!


23) Post-Trendy-Mom-Fashion


“Basically, anything that was popular and my mother jumped on the bandwagon AFTER they went out of style. Long sweaters over stirrup pants. Skorts. Leggings of any type. And her current 3/4 length pants.”


22) Rompers


“I don’t want to have to get naked to pee.”


21) Men’s Styling


“Manbuns and mancapris. EW!!!”


20) Lady-Butt-Pants


“They seem super awkward. Women’s clothing almost never have good pockets either which is especially annoying, particularly when they have small fake pockets”


19) Obey Shirts 


“They remind me of John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’.”


18) Plastic Striped Sunglasses


“They offer ZERO UV protection!”


17) The Ombre


“Make up your damn mind. Why do you WANT your hair to look like a grown-out dye job?”


16) Half-Shaved Heads


“Doesn’t look quite as edgy when trying to grow it back out.”


15) Holy-Jeans


“Like you’re not even wearing pants aren’t you cold? Like if you’re going to drop two-hundred on a pair of pants, buy pants!”


14) Fancy-Nails


“Coffin shaped long ass acrylic nails. Why? Just why? And acrylic nails with 87 pounds of bling on them. I love me some bling but how the heck do those people wipe their butts?”


13) High Waisted Stuff


“If I wanted to fuck a mom, I’d get married.”


12) Gaucho Pants


“Looks like they’re wearing parachutes on their legs.”


11) The “Deep-V” Shirt


“All the v’s in shirts went to the belly button a few years ago!”


10) Skinny Jeans


“Can’t fucking stand them! If you’ve got hips and thighs like I do, they’re so incredibly uncomfortable and unflattering and they just…won’t…DIE.”


9) Low-Riders


“I don’t need to see everyone’s boxers and briefs! How is this one not gone yet?!”


8) The Dewy-Skin Look


“I’ve spent my whole life trying to not look like a damn greaseball, WHY would I actively spray or put something on my face to make me look shiny and oily?”


7) Wavy/Curvy Eyebrows


“That was just ridiculous. Fortunately, I only saw it on Instagram for a minute, but it was a minute too long.”


6) Bold Eyebrows


“Bold brows are getting too dang bold if you ask me. Like, grown out? Cool. Filled in? Rad. But these perfectly chiseled gradient inch-thick pomade nightmares are gonna look dated as fuck in about 15 minutes.”


5) The Amy Winehouse Eyeliner


“It’s appalling. It should have died when she did.”


4) Crushed Velvet


“Can we just not bring it back, please? Leave it in the early 2000’s where it belongs.”


3) Unicorn Anything


“I’m tired of it.”


2) Gay Dude Haircuts


“Every gay guy having the same haircut for the last 4 years. Buzzed sides. Pompadour straight up to the heavens.”


1) Fake Glasses


“As someone who wears glasses, to me it just looks so stupid when people wear the nonprescription ones or the ones with no glass. Glasses aren’t something I particularly love, why would people want to wear them if they don’t have to?”


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  1. The #1 is mine as well. I’ve worn glasses since kindergarten – back when lens crafting forced me to practically wear binocular sized ones with the worse frames in existence because my vision is so crappy – and I totally do it because I don’t want to walk into walls and, well I like reading. If I didn’t have to, they’d be off before you could blink.

    Liked by 1 person

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