21 Aggravating Food Trends We Wish Would Go Away!

By PopLurker Readers and Aaron Russell


Food: We eat it every day to avoid that little thing called “death”. And of course, we all have our favorites and aversions. But what about those sneaky little food trends that explosively inundate our pop culture and then seemingly disappear? We asked our readers for the most aggravating food trends they could think of, and their responses were nothing short of delicious!


 21) Avocado Toast


“I can’t roll my eyes any harder without them falling out of the sockets.”


20) White Russians


“Remember when The Big Lebowski was a thing and White Russians came back?”


19) Poke Bowls


“It’s the leftover sushi trimmings that they couldn’t sell, and now they’re tricking you with rice and pickles and shit.”


18) Taco Salads


“I feel like through the entire 90s, Taco Salads were everywhere. Like even at Burger King and shit.”


17) Bullet-Proof Coffee


“Keep your grass-fed ghee, all the butter, and your brain-performing oil. It’s not better for you. It tastes like shit.”


16) Kale

Bunch of Kale

“Fuck kale.”


15) Red Velvet


“Holy crap it was EVERYWHERE for a year or so. And that cream cheese frosting…ugh, gag inducing.”


14) Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream


“It’s so frozen that it takes away the flavor.”


13) Anti-Inflammatory Foods


“What the heck people? Turmeric isn’t Advil.”


12) Charcoal Food


“Charcoal everywhere! Fuck your gothic ice cream, you’re given activated charcoal for food poisoning because absorbs your stomach contents…including medications…like birth control.”


11) Blonde Espresso


“Blonde espresso tastes like cat pee.”


10) Artisan Ice Cream Flavors


“I saw black olive and goat cheese once and I wanted to cry.”


9) Heirloom Tomatoes


“Hey guys check out my literally inbred hick tomatoes that cost 5x as much and have less flavor!”


8) Unpasteurized Milk


“There was a reason pasteurization was invented and saved lives!  Come on! Science, people!”


7) Gastronomy


“Keep your foam and paste. Gimme food.”


6) Cupcakes


“Sorry, Pillsbury and Betty Crocker taste better and I can get 4 dozen for $5 LOL Screw your “artisan” bullshit.”


5) Imitation Meat

young man carving a roast turkey at the dinner table

“If you needed a product that looks or taste like meat, why don’t you just go back to eating meat?”


4) Quinoa


“Quinoa tastes like nothing. And if you have kids, good luck cleaning that shit up.”


3) Brunch


“Just pick a meal, you pricks.”


2) Bone Broth


“‘Bone Broth’ is basically just stock marketed as a drink instead of an ingredient.”


1) Specialty Oreos


“Any “new” flavor of Oreo. Just stop. It ain’t broke!”



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