17 Beloved TV Shows (That Are A Total Bummer)

By PopLurker Readers


Television is a funny, funny thing. All of us have shows that we connect with, that we fill our free time watching, and that we excitedly discuss with our friends and co-workers. When everyone you know is in love with a show and it’s exploding on social media, you feel validated. You’re in the club. But what about the alternate? What happens when a show that the collective consciousness adores is (in your eyes) a total piece of shit? It’s a pretty insular experience. But you’re not alone! Here at PopLurker, we support and nurture your hate! So, we asked our readers what TV Shows they just can’t get behind, and the answers were nothing short of cackle-inducing.


17) Black Mirror

Black mirror

“I was recommended to watch Black Mirror. “It’s so trippy! Like a modern Twilight Zone!” Yeah, neither of those things were true. Yawn.”


16) The Walking Dead

walking dead.jpg

“Walking Dead, the most boring dragged out turd of a show. Walking Dead? More like TALKING DEAD. All they do is talk about their feelings, for crying out loud. Get eaten by a zombie already and stop your yapping. Getting through that second season was WORK.”


15) Young Sheldon

young sheldon.jpg

“Young Sheldon. Spun off the inexplicable (to me at least) success of the Big Bang Theory. I’d like to meet these millions of viewers and ask them…why?”


14) This is Us


“This Is Us. Seriously, stop making shows about fat people who are miserable being fat. Lots of us are closer to Santa Claus than Kate Pearson, TYVM. Plus, it looks like the kind of show my parent would watch when I was a kid. Well I’m now a parent and have zero interest. It looks like a lite beer kinda drama. It’s only for those who can’t wrap their minds around complex or thought-provoking shows.”


13) The Following


“Most of the “twists” involved the next person to walk into the scene is a part of the cult. Every decision that was made was undercut within 30 mins by the character inexplicably running some long con….”


12) Stranger Things


“Stranger Things can politely go fuck itself. I think the setting is the only thing it has going for it. but i find the characters to be annoying and the plot to be very ordinary. It looks like the movies from the 80s people love… but lacks the charm and fun that made those classics. Plus, open arms, hunched posture, and wrinkled concern face doesn’t equal acting.”


11) Better Call Saul


“Better Call Saul, a much more boring show set in the Breaking Bad continuum, where you can watch an intriguing character Saul, not be the intriguing character you know, but maybe he will be, some day.”


10) Legion


“Legion sucks. It sucks. There, I said it.”


9) Vikings


“Vikings! Poor man’s Game of Thrones that was touted as historical and is just a foundering pile of rushed garbage storytelling.”


8) The Legend of Korra


“Great job ruining a good thing.”


7) Girls


“I was told it was THE show that defines “our generation” and was just completely appalled that a. Anyone would have such a dim view of our generation and b. That people let such a limited socioeconomic/ethnic portion of our generation represent the whole.”


6) Lost


“I got into it but it lost me with what became clear aimlessness and eventual cheesiness to continue padding itself out when it started so strong. By the time the final season came along I got the sense that my friends who had stuck with it were doing so out of vain hope that its great setup in seasons 1 & 2 would finally pay off rather than actual continued enjoyment.”


5) Game of Thrones


“I get panicky when I watch sex scenes around other people, and I first tried watching it with a girl I was really into, so I ended up totally freaking out and to this day, I still can’t watch it.”


4) Will and Grace


“It was garbage 20 years ago, and it’s flaming garbage now. Megan Mullaley is good, but not enough to carry a show that isn’t exclusively about her. It’s written by a generation of “comedy” “writers” who have no noticeable sense of humor whatsoever. It’s so bad it makes me angry.”


3) BoJack Horseman


“It’s animated, it’s about an inside look on Hollywood, I have friends that work/worked on it. All reasons why I should watch it and like it, but I just thought it was too bizarre and maybe a bit too dark for my tastes. I’m really not sure, but I just couldn’t get into it.”


2) The Last Man on Earth


“Every episode after the 1st was a slow descent into boring dragged out gutless storylines with a protagonist that grows increasingly annoying with every passing minute. Except that plot about the bacon, that was great.”


1) Riverdale


“I was excited when I heard the premise but it seems too much like pretty LA (even though it’s not set there) teens with problems. It could have been SO good. Aww Archie. I know it’s the CW but…Betty & Veronica deserve better.”


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  1. Aw, man. Legion and Better Call Saul are two of my favorite shows. And I get my weekly crying fix from This Is Us. Of course, this is coming from someone who thinks 50 Shades Darker is one of the greatest films ever made. I think I broke my stomach bone laughing at it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Legend of Korra, I think had a better flow then the last airbender. The last air bender had many drag points as the series went on. Korra had more pace but I do think it flawed in character development earlier on. But a lot of problems came from Nickelodeon refusing to give it more.air time. Especially the last season, when it went straight the the Nickelodeon website for streaming

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s great you enjoyed it! I liked the storytelling in Airbender better. The whole series was aiming toward this one peaking storyline. Korra was a bunch of mini bosses.


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