12 Dumbest Things We’ve Ever Done (While Pregnant)

By PopLurker Readers


Pregnancy is a magical miracle of nature and all that sweet, sappy stuff. It does a lot of things to you! It pulls nutrients from every corner of your body, and for some of us, it feels like some of our brains are being taken with it. We asked PopLurker readers to tell us about some of the dumbest things they did while pregnant, and the stupidity did not disappoint!

12) Attack of the Spaghetti-Poop


“I stuffed an entire (huge) mixing bowl of spaghetti and meatballs down the garbage disposal because my pregnant brain told me I wanted to see what it looked like getting all chopped up. I think being pregnant with a boy made me want to do naughty, childish things. Well, the sink got clogged and I had to enlist the help of my toilet plunger. Which was also incredibly filthy because I had constant, enormous pregnancy shits that ruined my toilet daily. I wanted to die.”


11) A Bit Late for That


“I was at work, about 34 weeks pregnant, when I suddenly got really nauseous. Automatically without thinking I said, ‘Uh oh, I wonder if I’m pregnant.’”


10) I Thought It Was Telepathy


“A few weeks back I called my husband from my cell phone looking for my cell phone because I was in a hurry for an appointment. His reply was ‘Babe, how do you think you called me?’”


9) Short Sighted…


“One day while doing dishes, I suddenly decided I needed my glasses because I am blind as a bat. I got so frustrated and my husband comes into the kitchen, looking puzzled, and asks what I’m looking for. When I said ‘my glasses’, he laughed and said ‘They’re on your face, babe.’”


8) Start with 20 Sticks Of…


“How about the cake I made for my best friend’s kid’s 1st birthday? A giant Thomas the Train cake with a mountain and tunnel. I didn’t realize until after making this monstrosity that I had accidentally quadrupled the amount of butter in the cake. I look at the recipe double it, repeat to myself all the way to the fridge so I wouldn’t forget. Then as soon as I opened the door and grabbed the butter I had already forgotten it was doubled, so of course I doubled it again. A true butter cake!”


7) Have You Seen My…


“I was looking all over for my wallet, trying to get ready for the grocery store. It was in my hand and I set it on the counter two different times.”


6) Can You Thing and the Thing?


“Last week my brain just kind of gave out. In my house, I cook dinner and my husband always picks up after. He went to stand to take his plate to the sink. I turn to him and tried to say ‘Can you take my plate to the sink?’ What came out instead was ‘Put the dishes in the dirty laundry’. My husband gave me the funniest look and I felt like melting into the floor from embarrassment.”


5) Buzzing Clean


“A couple weeks back I tried to polish with fly spray. I didn’t realize until I sat down a few hours later, staring at the can wondering why the hell the fly spray was out.”


4) 3,000 Man


“I can’t remember exactly what I said, but somewhere around week 38, I was marveling to my husband about how cool it was that our child was going to be alive in the year 3000. He was like “Yeah, that is cool.” Then, he kind of looked at me for a second and I looked at him for a second and I realized that my math was just a liiiittle bit off.”


3) Daily Problems


“I had a meltdown in the aisle of a thrift store because I thought it was Tuesday instead of Wednesday.”


2) Le Petite Corp


“I put a whole cooked roast down the garage disposal because I thought it got rid of everything. Turns out you can only put a little bit down it.”


1) Strong and Confident


“When I was pregnant and moving I threw a bunch of glass stuff into a plastic bag and expected it to not be broken when I unpacked. It was broken.”


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