PopLurker Reviews: Validation Nation (The New EP by PLASMIC)

By Breana Ceballos


Validation Nation is like a glitter bomb to the face. The sound of PLASMIC resonate with my love of Grimes but PLASMIC is more of a kick to the shins. Her vocals are hauntingly poetic. If you have heard her work before then you are already in on this amazing synth pop that’s loaded with spontaneous human combustion. PLASMIC has a sound that’s somehow futuristic with the weight of the distant past coexisting simultaneously. Touches reminiscent of “The Metro” by Berlin course through this EP. The haunting darkness of early Depeche Mode accented the mood. When out of nowhere, modern synth-pop sounds ala Lady Gaga brought PLASMIC’s music back to present day like pink tipped fingernails clawing out of the ground.


If you have never heard of PLASMIC, why don’t you give this a watch/listen:


PLASMIC AKA Lauren Lusardi is an Orange County California native that is ripping through the music world with her hot pink nails sharpened to a point and leaving a trail of barbie heads behind her. That’s why when we were given the opportunity to review her new EP “Validation Nation” (OUT FRIDAY APRIL 27TH, 2018!), I knew I had to jump at the chance!

Opinions are my own, but positive because this EP is excellent.

cover (1)

Track 1: “Baby Machine”

The song opens with percussion that grabs your attention. The wilting vocals is perfect for driving late at night into the city skyline. It feels like a throwback to the 80s with a modern feel and good layer production. It’s a girl power heavy lifter empowering in the directness of the lyrics and simple hooks. The vocals are cute and the track has the power of an anime closing theme song, something that’s riding into the night, pulling you along with it. Really, it’s preparing you for the ride you’re going to take for the rest of the album.

Track 2: “Validation”

This is where the heavy feels come in. The basic message of this slow, contemplative narrative is I don’t want to be a person anymore. Lauren’s vocal range is showcased in this track, coming off as soulful, rich, and sad.

Track 3: “Sister”

This was the stand-out track of the EP, and by far my favorite. With its trippy echoes and cool reverb it reminds me of sitting in my room listening to trance/rave mixes for hours. Specifically, it makes me think of the song “Touch Me” by Darude. It is haunting, with the pained soul of a Blondie song.

Track 4: “Compliance”

This one feels like a callback to VNV Nation at first but then moves into a more unique bubblegum Freezepop style. It’s clear PLASMIC wears her influences on her sleeve but she makes it all her own and clearly stands out among the rest. The song is long, and feels like you’re being released from a hazy journey you’ve been on, landing back on Earth with the feeling that something inside of you has been shifted or changed.

The Perfect setting to listen to this is with as little light as possible, maybe wearing sunglasses and with a laser display.


To Conclude:

So many of the songs written/produced by PLASMIC are relatable and feel more human than any other synth heavy throwback artist. She gives it a personality that doesn’t get lost in the production while still having interesting effects and super catchy loops.

Other artists will go for the surface level 80’s sheen but it’s clear that she has more to say and does so with her punchy lyrics. She does all this and maintains that cool kid goth club vibe. Her voice is similar to Promise Ring and Metric and can easily stand with them.

I can’t wait to hear more from her! And remember, this new phenomenal EP Validation Nation will be available for purchase on Friday April 27th, 2018!


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