Westworld Season Two Premiered and We Have Theories!

By PopLurker Writers


Westworld season two (finally) premiered Sunday April 22nd, which was a delightful surprise that completely forgot when it was coming back on the air. The season’s flagship episode “Journey into Night” had a run-time of a whopping hour and fifteen minutes, and by the end of the episode we were starting to feel that run time.


The episode started closely to where the season one finale tied up, shortly after the rise of the machines massacre lead by Delores. The remaining humans (and Bernard, who we learned last season was a host rebuilt in the image of OG host-daddy Arnold) are on the run, seeking safety from the gun-slinging hosts that are on a vendetta with one goal in mind: kill the humans.


All right, Westworld. You’ve got our attention. And while we here at PopLurker appreciate that you’ve dropped the “mystery box” style of writing that we were complaining about in our fears for Westworld and its writing fate article, we still have a few predictions that we’re putting on the table now so we can practice our smug grins and give it our best “Mmm, told you so’s”.


Prediction #1: This is all programmed to happen

None of us are buying that Ms. Calculated CEO in her awesome gold dress didn’t know exactly what was about to shake down in the end of season one. With the amount of time we’ve seen her sauntering around in stiletto heels at the swimming pool, we know that if this was a true banquet, she wouldn’t be caught in brown boots. She knew she had to be comfortable. We predict that all of management is in on this, including Mr. “Down to the Weiner” back up in headquarters with Maeve.

Speaking of Maeve, her sole mission was to leave the park, which she did successfully. Now, her mind is telling her she has to go back to the park for her daughter. That’s where the manipulation is coming in- Maeve doesn’t have to go back to the park for her daughter. She just has to go back to the park. Her entire revolt was programmed. She is not sentient, she is not acting out of free will. Similarly with Delores, while her original model programming might be finally going a bit loopy, there are still things that “Don’t look like anything to [her]”.



Prediction Two: Billy is not in on any of this

The way we understand Billy’s backstory here from season one, is was dragged into the park begrudgingly by his co-worker/co-business partner right before he was set to marry the guy’s sister. He thought the park was weird, but he rolled with it. He became obsessed, invested a mess of cash into the park, and forty years later is running around in there like a cowboy psychopath.

And that’s exactly how the park-masters need him.


They’re using his money and insanity to gauge the reactions of the robots after their programmed revolt. They’re using him as a live gerbil. They don’t care if Billy lives or dies, they just need his money and his feet making those little hamster wheels spin. But one thing we’re super looking forward to in Westworld season two is more of this “Man in Black’s” backstory. What really caused him to go from the mild-mannered William who truly loved Delores to stabbing her in the gut at her father’s house? What was he hoping to get out of her, what situation happened that he was sickened to the point of violence against her, and why is he still coming back?

Although by the look of excitement on his blood-covered face, chances are he’s not leaving after this.



Prediction Three: The Cards Up Their Sleeves

This isn’t so much a prediction but an observation. But was anyone else confused by Bernard’s need for the blue brain juice toward the end of the episode? Where up until this point was anything like that ever shown on the screen? Additionally, the imagery of “The Maze” in the dead host’s scalp and the introduction of the “screw-in lightbulb brain” were fresh to us this season.drone-host-westworld-1521644934

And where did those Silent-Hill drones come from? Obviously our nightmares, but other than “Wanna see something freakin’ scary?” is there really a point or purpose to them that couldn’t have been driven home with imagery from last season?

What else are we waiting for now?

  • The return of a bat-shit insane Clementine.
  • Someone said Samurai, right?
  • The Return of Ford as Lady Stoneheart
  • Maeve’s daughter giving her the finger
  • Maeve learning she’s still not sentient
  • Delores killing Teddy because he exists only to love her


Westworld airs on HBO every Sunday at 9PM local time.

Got more that we forgot? Comment and keep the conversation going.

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