What You Need to Know Before Seeing “Avengers: Infinity War”

By Matthew Byas


You’re excited to Avengers: Infinity War, out this Friday April 27th across theaters nationwide, aren’t ya? You’re seeking out all relevant facts, news, and trivia to make sure you’re good and juicy-ready for that hot new Marvel flick, right?

Well, search no further, friend. Because today on PopLurker, we’re going to load you up with more Avengers facts and trivia than you ever knew you needed. And we guarantee, with no pretension or sarcasm, that all of these facts are totally 100%, big dawg. Totally true.

You’re welcome.

Did you know…

  • Jamie Lee Curtis is technically a Baroness through marriage to Christopher Guest.


  • Arizona Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica suffered a career-ending injury by slipping and falling while celebrating a field goal – that happened within the first minutes of the game.


  • Alfred Nobel established the Nobel Peace Prize after reading a premature obituary that referred to him as a “merchant of death” for his invention of dynamite.


  • Tony Stark probably wouldn’t hang out with you, as he seems pretty busy.


  • The McIlhenny company gets their barrels for Tabasco storage from Jack Daniels.


  • If you watched all the Marvel movies in a row, you’d probably be really tired afterward.


  • Wolverine isn’t in this one.


  • Rooney Mara traces her family lineage back to both the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants ownership.


  • The first known human to be killed by a robot was an engineer named Robert Williams.


  • After analyzing the trailer, there’s still no evidence that the MCU takes place in a universe where Peter Scolari skyrocketed to fame while Tom Hanks settled for a comfortable life in the background.


  • Waylon Jennings was very nearly on the plane that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper.


  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is presumably not part of the MCU, so you don’t need to have played it to understand what’s going on.


  • To prepare for his role as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. took a role as Sherlock Holmes, widely considered the Iron Man of the 1700s.


  • Marcus Lindblom, one of the translators for Nintendo’s Earthbound, was allowed to name an NPC after his daughter as a thank-you for the long hours he was working.


  • To prepare for his role as Captain America, Chris Evans looked at a flag and went “yup, I can get on board with that”.


  • While bananas are thought of as rich in potassium, they in fact only have a decent amount – yogurt and beans are better sources.


  • To prepare for his role as Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner probably took archery lessons or something.  I dunno, you’ve gotta figure the studio paid for it.


  • If you’re cooking with alcohol, be warned – the cooking process doesn’t necessarily remove all of the alcohol.


  • Advance reviews of this movie are favorable, if that even influences your decision a little.


  • No, seriously, what kind of person is all “hmm, I was holding out on seeing this cinematic event until Peter Travers gave it a 7 out of 8.4!”


  • I mean, you were probably going to see it anyway.  Siskel and Ebert could return from the grave, fuse into a zombie named Siskert, and bellow “STAY AWAY” outside of every multiplex in the world, and that wouldn’t change the fact that this movie is probably gonna kill it at the box office.


  • That’s not to disparage the notion of film criticism.  Obviously, middle- and lower-tier films can win people over with favorable reviews.  There are probably movies that did better than they would have due to good press.


  • But this movie?  Yeah, it pretty much sells itself.  All the film critics need to say is “yup, that there is a movie!”


  • There’s probably a scene where a character repeats something another character told him/her, but that character is injured or worse, so now it has added dramatic weight.


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