Keeping it Keto (at Disneyland)

By Breana Ceballos


Everyone knows that when you are on a diet and you go to Disneyland that is supposed to count as a cheat day. Or they figure that since they are doing so much walking around the calories they burn are far greater than the damage they are doing eating all of those fancy snacks.


While I could have cheated on my diet and seriously thought about it… many times, I was also so happy with myself lately that it made me sad to think about cheating. I’ve been on what is called the Keto Diet. It is basically low carb high fat. It kickstarts your body into burning its fat for energy. Even one day of cheating can affect whether or not you are in ketosis, which I tried really hard to get to so I didn’t want to ruin it.

Back onto the subject of Disneyland. It is a great place to go and sooo much fun to take the kid to BUT you will get hungry and when that time comes you need to make some choices.

While you can eat all the plants that grow in Tomorrowland it is probably frowned upon

The first thing I did when I went was stop by city hall to see if they would give me any nutritional info.


Big surprise, they did not, but the girl did give me some useful information. Apparently I could go to any booth and ask for the nutritional info and they would give it to me, and if I ate at a sit down restaurant (Blue Bayou/Cafe Orleans type places) I could actually talk to the chef about my dietary needs. This all sounded amazing so I decided to try it out. I got to check out everything but the sit down restaurant part though when asking about it with my Disney friends they all said that they really do try to work with you.

My first snack was the notorious turkey leg. It was huge! I shared with it with my whole family and my daughter who is the pickiest of eaters loved it so that was a win.


The problem here was when I asked for the nutritional info at the cart this is what they gave me.

What the hell even is this? A picture of a picture?

Seeing that they were only going to give me this for nutritional info I kept it to a couple of bites and I didn’t eat the skin. I left that for my husband who did not complain. I was a bit disappointed that this was all they offered in the way of nutritional info but not surprised because I’m sure if they gave out that info freely a lot more people would just bring their own snacks.

After riding a few rides we were hungry again. So we headed over to a place I knew would be the best place to find keto-friendly foods. The Bengal Barbecue. On the way there I stopped to take a picture of the fruit and veggies they offered as well because they do offer a lot of good choices.

The trick with these is that they also sell the apple slices with caramel dip and the strawberries with chocolate. If you just throw away the dip your fine but if you are like me the temptation is too great so I skipped these all together. Plus, with the Keto diet fruit is very much in moderation, but it’s nice that the option is there.


Moving on to the good stuff! Bengal Barbeque.

I ordered all these with sauce because I was sharing with my husband, BUT you can order them without and that will save you some sugar intake. Here is what I scored from the place.

Banyan Beef Skewer


Polynesian Chicken Skewer


Bacon wrapped Asparagus Safari Skewer

Again, when I asked for nutritional info they “didn’t have it” so I had to just assume these were fine. The Safari Skewer I knew was ok but the sauce on the others made me weary so I only had a taste of each. Of course, my daughter not being on a diet was constantly taunting me with those carbs. She had a Tiger Tail, all bread with cheese baked on top.

Just look at her, she doesn’t care about carbs, she’s 3, oh how I miss bread

A bit more walking around and we were almost done for the day so we walked over to the Jolly Holiday which I was surprised to see that they offered salads! I can eat those! Fortunately I was pretty full from the Skewers so I didn’t opt to buy one but I was so happy to see that the menu was diet friendly.

Where I look


Where my daughter looks

Going back to bringing your own snacks. I packed some grapes and walnuts to snack on which really helped. The good thing about Disneyland is you CAN bring your own food.


When I started this day I totally thought I would have to break my diet. Now I see that it is totally possible to eat Keto at Disneyland. If you do your research without going in blind you have a lot more options than these. Even though they are very protective of the nutritional info that they give out it is probably safe to assume that some things are just better for you than not. Meat, Cheese and veggies (lower carb) are all things that can be consumed without worry. So, go! Enjoy your trip with your family and take your diet off the worry list!


Breana is on Twitter, where you can tweet at her with any questions you have about Disneyland Tips and Tricks. She totally knows! She has a pass, a kid, and has figured out how to make trips cheap and easy. And she is totally killing this Keto thing.

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