PopLurker Covers: My Hero Academia Q&A with Justin Briner

By Jonathan Meisner


PopLurker had the privilege to attend this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in Calgary, Canada. On April 29th, 2018 during the final day of the festivities, we were fortunate enough to sit in on a panel with Justin Briner, best known as the voice of Midoriya in the My Hero Academia English dub.


During this Q&A we learned that Justin started singing at an early age and this influenced him to take up voice acting as well. Due to his singing background he learned the importance of controlling his vocal range and understanding that shredding your voice is never something one should allow to happen. Whether it’s singing or voice acting, if you’re shredding your voice then you’re doing it wrong.

Justin Briner - My Hero Academia.jpg

When asked about being typecast, while he doesn’t mind it necessarily, he also believes in doing his homework as it relates to other characters and having the opportunity to work across different show types. In fact, he really enjoys playing over the top smarmy characters because these types of characters can really dig in their heels and it allows him to have a lot of fun being able to express their motivations.

When PopLurker asked what made Midoriya such a fun character to play and if he knew from the beginning that My Hero Academia would be such a hit with western audiences, Justin expressed that Midoriya is such a wonderfully well-rounded character and his dealings with real high school age problems that perhaps don’t get addressed often enough is what attracted him to Midoriya and My Hero Academia as a whole.

Justin Briner - My Hero Academia 2.jpg

Justin feels that anyone who watches the show and loves My Hero Academia can relate to the idea of trying to find their lot in life and may have been told themselves that their dreams are unattainable. He also appreciates how My Hero Academia takes a lot of the anime stereotypes but subverts them in a way that allows for more fully formed and fleshed out characters.

While of course he wasn’t prepared to give spoilers, he ended by saying he’s looking forward to what Season Three has in store and hopes the fans will enjoy it as much as he did.


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