PopLurker Reviews: Free Comic Book Day at Phat Collectibles

By Breana Ceballos


Today I woke up very excited at the prospect of FREE Comic Books. Last night I looked at what would be available and I was super happy to see that a Miraculous Ladybug comic would be included. This morning I made a couple of phone calls to various comic stores to make sure they had it. Finally, PHAT Collectibles in La Habra, California said that they not only had one but would hold it for me. I got the kid dressed in her Ladybug cosplay, slapped some makeup on my face and was out the door.

on our way

For those of you that don’t know Free Comic Book day is the first Saturday in May. So, this time it happened to fall on Cinco De Mayo. That’s great for me because that means not only do I get to drink but I get to read comics as well!

free comic book day bag.jpg

When I got there, there was a line out the door. The store was just opening as I took my place in line. They had a massive sale going on today as well as the Free Comics they had advertised.


The selection was broad. It was hard choosing only five comics, lucky for me I brought an extra body with me. The titles ranged from Avengers, DC Nation, Overwatch, to more kid centric ones

like Adventure Time, Miraculous Ladybug, and Disney Princess. They even had one for me, My Hero Academia.

It’s still early in the day here so if you want to go and pick up free comics yourself THERE IS STILL TIME! WE’RE DOING THIS LIVE!

reading in car

If you call your local comic book shop they should be able to tell you what they have left, and if they are as cool as PHAT they may even be able to put some aside for you. It’s worth the trip and who knows what else you might pick up on sale.



You can find Breana reading comics and drinking Pinot Grigio tonight on Twitter. She would love to hear what you picked up today on FREE Comic Book day!

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