PopLurker Interviews: I Was a Happy-Ending Masseuse

By Jonathan Meisner


Just about everyone loves a good massage.

Your muscles become relaxed, and the stresses of the day can just melt away under the talented hands of a highly trained masseuse. But, what about those more “special” massages? The kind that can veer off into an even more sensual place, and something more than just your shoulders or back get a good rub down? Well, I just happened to know someone who spent some time in the tugging end of the industry. My friend Cassandra kind enough to get together with me to talk about her experiences there.


First, I want to thank you for giving PopLurker this interview. So, how long were you in this industry? Did you know what kind of environment it was when you started?

At least two full years, from about 2003-2005. A young lady at the call center I was working at mentioned she had another job massaging people.  She said you didn’t need any experience and was making good money doing it. I went with her to this location and I remember thinking it was a little cheesy because it was in the basement of an office building with Enya music playing in the background and lots of Christmas lights and candles everywhere. I didn’t know until probably the end of my first shift that it was a rub and tug because my first few clients didn’t ask for anything extra. And while I was dressed rather provocatively, I wasn’t too over the top or obvious.

But near the end of my shift one guy asked if I offered anything “extra”. I asked what he meant, and he was like “Would you take your shirt off?” and I’m like yeah, I can do that. So, I did a topless massage. Then, when there was about ten minutes left, he asked, “Can you do a happy ending?” I’m like, “Oh, yeah, I guess that’s what I do.” But I’d only use my hands, which he was ok with. I jerked him off, which took all of thirty seconds. The men that came in there, they’re pent up and they pop really easy, so it’s not like I got carpal tunnel or anything there. <laughs>


How were these things arranged? Did clients have to schedule ahead of time? Were there code words used within the industry?

They were welcome to make appointments, but it was mostly drop in and whatever girl was available she would take care of you. Some guys scheduled as well. Regulars loved their specific girl and they will do anything to make sure their schedule lines up with yours, so they’ll find out ahead of time and book accordingly. Unless we were specifically asked for, we’d take turns based on who was available. I don’t know if there were really code words other than “happy ending” or “Are you gonna finish me” or whatever they wanted to say, but you paid attention to how that person acted, paid attention to body language.


Did you ever have any women, or couples come in and what were those experiences like?

One lady I massaged, she came in and seemed a little nervous. I asked if she wanted to choose any girl in particular and she was like “You’re fine”. The whole time I’m thinking she must know this isn’t a regular massage parlor. I take her to the room, tell her to disrobe, then she’s laying on her back and is like “This isn’t a regular massage parlor is it?” I tell her she can get dressed if she wants and we can refund her money, but she’s like “What the hell, why not give me a rub?”.

I always gave a good massage, never half assed it then I asked if she wanted anything “extra”. She said no it was ok and left me a $10 tip which I thought was nice, but that was the only woman that I ever saw in there. Couples never came in either, or at least not on my shift.


Is there anyway to tell which parlor is going to have certain services and which ones don’t? Is it super hush hush between businesses?

The city where we were based out of you were required to get a license to be a Body Rub Attendant, so I got a little license saying I was legal to massage without having a massaging background. One thing we had to do was cut windows into all the doors of our massage rooms, so the city could come in and do a spot check whenever they wanted to make sure no one was soliciting sex. So, we tried to keep it hush hush because sometimes you didn’t know if the person coming in was an undercover cop.


maldives-ile-beach-sun-37921.jpegYou mentioned regulars earlier, any strange encounters or crazy requests from regulars?

I had one gentleman who liked to suck my toes. He’d pay me $100 on top of my commission for an hour of licking my toes. Commission was $40 for a half hour, $80 for an hour which girls would split with the manager, so the extra $100 was a nice bonus for sure, but he only liked my feet. One time I couldn’t make it in to work for some reason and he wouldn’t take another girl, because he didn’t like their feet only mine.

There was one guy who had a micropenis, but I only saw him maybe once or twice, he wasn’t a regular. His penis was no bigger than my pinky to the first knuckle it was like I’ll give it an inch and a half but no bigger around then my pinky finger, smallest penis I’d ever seen. It was almost like a giant clit. I had a little person come in another time. I was probably rubbing between my knee and my hand and he was grinding on my leg and he came all over my knee.

Then there was one time my boss wanted me to take on this one person who liked to be peed on, but I couldn’t do it. She’s like “Just drink lots of water”, and I said “It’s not like that, I just don’t think I could stand over someone and just release onto them”. So needless to say, she was disappointed because I believe she ended up doing it herself because he was one of their regular clientele and whoever he was supposed to see wasn’t there so that was probably one of my weirder requests.

But, the most awkward client for me was my best friends husband. Her husband had a big crush on me for years and he did not know I worked at the parlor. He came in and didn’t see me. My boss put him in the room and I’m like “I need to take that one”. I went to the girl he had chosen and was like “I’m taking him you can take the commission if you want but that’s my best friends husband, so I’m gonna go in there and have a chat”.

He became a monthly regular for me, I’d do a nude massage and a happy ending because in my head I was doing his wife a favor by not letting him go into rooms with girls who would fuck him and then he’d take diseases home to his wife.


Would you get customers that would overstep their boundaries and was that a risk you’d have in the back of your mind?

I recognized if there was something I wasn’t willing to do, I could go out to the waiting room and get another girl who would be more willing. Some guys wanted a lot more, and while I’m not prudish or anything, some things were just not for sale. So, I didn’t have sex, and I didn’t do blowjobs. I never did any massages fully nude, you’d get me down to my G-string but that was it. I don’t know why I thought that was a protection because you could still see everything but, in my mind, it was all about how I needed to view myself because my sex was not for sale. I love fucking, but it’s not for sale. I do it because I enjoy it. For the most part though most of the guys didn’t even want the happy ending. There was at least 25% that were completely impotent and couldn’t even get it up if they wanted to. So, there they are for cuddling, conversation, very interesting talks. Things they could have done with anyone over coffee, yet they decided to come and hang out with me for an hour and spend ridiculous amounts of money.

We would on occasion however get guys who were douchebags that would constantly be grabbing at you in very unfriendly ways. If you were stuck with that person you were massaging them at like arms length doing all you could to keep a safe distance because you really don’t have any backup out there, we had no security. I mean what is my boss gonna do? Come in and squirt oil in their eyes? There were definitely sketchy scenarios where you look at the situation and go “Fuck, this could go really bad”. We definitely put ourselves in harms way.


pexels-photo-206527.jpegOther than Mr. $100 for the feet, what was the biggest tip you ever received?

I remember my very first tip and doing his happy ending and he tipped me like $30. My biggest tip, oh my god, it was a lot I’d say it might have been in excess of $200. It was a Friday night and some guys were really drunk. They left the bar, came to our parlor, and they were just throwing money away. But then you’d get 10 minutes with them and they’d pass out. So, you’d let them sleep for an hour. There was a lot of easy money where I did nothing to collect that cash.


Do people have misconceptions about these massage parlors?

I don’t know if there was or is a misconception. Was there sex? Yes, if people wanted to give the right amount of money. We’ll give you whatever you want. It’s hard to say what people perceive to begin with, if people think it was a big orgy it’s not, depending on the people you could get sexual favors but maybe I was just lucky because I had my standards set at a certain place where I didn’t have the expectations of others on that level as frequently.


Cassandra, I really want to thank you again on behalf of PopLurker for sitting down and giving us this interview. One last question to wrap it up. When did you come to the realization it was time to quit and step away?

The enticement was no longer there. I made such good money at that job, but you never wanted to hang onto cash. So, I had a fuzzy steering wheel cover on my car. I’d go out every couple of hours and kinda lace the money under that steering wheel cover. And at one point I took that off, and there was over two-grand under there. My bills were paid and I was not in a place of want by any stretch of the imagination.

But I think there comes a time when you get sick of other peoples’ perceptions of who you must be to work there. You can’t tell people what it is you’re doing for a living because a lot of people automatically make a judgment call about you and they don’t know anything about you. Also, my two boys were really young and while I’d tell them I was going to work, I couldn’t tell them where. I can look back at my time massaging as a very interesting life experience, but that was a long time ago and a different place in my life.

Today I have a career that I really love…and I’m in a good place.



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