The Rage 2 Trailer Dropped (And We Have Thoughts About It)

By Matthew Burroughs


Post-Apocalyptic video games have become as timely as today’s headlines. Political opinions aside, it seems a high percentage of people conclude that as a society, we could be at the cusp of an extinction level catastrophic event. Most theories in this feel-good narrative believe the world as we know it will end with nuclear war. For them, the Fallout franchise of video games address that cause. The Fallout series contains some of the greatest video games ever crafted, but frankly it’s far too easy to assume that the world will end that way. No, the world won’t end with political blow-hards slipping their fingers on the proverbial button. We won’t see any vast streaking of Fat-Man-esque atom-bombs across a bright blue sky, freeing us from our late capitalist purgatory. Some of us however, know the truth. Our demise will come from something we could never prevent if we tried. An asteroid.


Rage-2.jpgThis brings us to 2011 where after many delays, “Rage” is finally released by Bethesda Softworks. In it, the 99942 Apophis asteroid strikes the earth and sends society into a Mad Max/Borderlands/Fallout fusion of desert landscape and inhospitable inhabitants. For the proceedings we play as a vestige of the old world, a solitary survivor, sealed in an ark with super human abilities and a high tolerance for pain. The story…..well who cares, it sucks. Post apocalypse John Goodman sends you to some oil rig to help his friends…who then make you kill some cockney British guys…and then exterminate some more ne’er do-wells for dune buggy parts We run around killing grimy vandals, for the aid of slightly cleaner vandals, shooting, collecting, and shooting some more. There’s some attempt at commentary, something about an authoritarian government, but it all falls flat in the wake of the ridiculous means to get there.  The gunplay, vehicles, and excellent graphic quality save Rage from being a total clunker, but needless to say, not many people were clamoring for a sequel.

WELL TOO BAD, we getting one anyway! The “Rage 2” trailer dropped this week and I’m sure at least five people were stoked about it. The rest of us? Well, if there’s one thing video gamers do better than anyone else, it’s smug skepticism. After sticking my nose skyward, I clicked the link to give the trailer a view.

rage 2 release date header.pngFirst thing’s first, I have no idea if this is a sequel, a reboot, or just a spiritual successor. Honestly, if they just clean up the story from the first go-round, no one would really notice or care. The world looks beautiful, in its desiccated horribleness, and it’s clear that the graphics will once again be a strong point. As we start off, some gravelly voiced ass is muttering about how bad-ass and tough the Rage-world as we view some grit colored inhabitants, and finally he quips that “in a world where there are no rules…INSANITY rules!” Quick-cut to ridiculous over the top combat with a hip music bed of one of the less recognizable Andrew W.K. songs. It’s clear that any attempt at political commentary or realism is out the window for more cartoonish shooting and wild vehicle stunts. And let me just say…FINALLY!! This looks like the game that Rage should have been the first time around. I want to jump around with some vamped up super-powers and let everyone know who’s really in charge. I want to be able take on a small army all at once or one at a time. I want to hit a grenade with a baseball bat and drive a spikey ATV up some COCKNEY FUCK’S ASS!

<does some controlled breathing exercises>

Ok, ok, that was nice and all, but it’s just a first trailer. There’s going to have to be some story in there, and more importantly something that the first Rage was missing, replay ability. Hopefully Rage 2 won’t be all dessert with no meal, as a $60 cost wouldn’t justify that experience. However, after the first look, I’m much more excited for THIS asteroid-dented futuristic interpretation than I was in 2011.

But please, no John Goodman this time.


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