25 Funny Stories of Random Celebrity Encounters

By PopLurker Readers


It doesn’t matter how nonchalant you are or how much chill you have- everyone does a double take when they see a celebrity they recognize. Be it someone we admire that makes us freak out, or someone that makes you laugh and exclaim “Hey, it’s you!” celebrity sightings usually have pretty entertaining stories behind them.

And when they don’t, the stupid things we say and do around them is always good for a laugh.

We asked our readers to recount their best celebrity sighting tales, and their answers made us star-struck too. Or stupid struck.

Yes, we’ll go with that…



25) Mark Wahlberg


In Boston I was doing a run out near Government Center. Sitting outside at a restaurant eating lunch was Mark Wahlberg. He looked at me for a moment as I ran by as if he was saying “in case you forgot you were in Boston I’m Mark Wahlberg.” Donnie D break it down…


24) Ben Stein


I met Ben Stein once at a charity party, and in person he had a crazy turkey neck. This was during his tenure on Win Ben Stein’s money and I’m convinced his neck was taped back or something when he was on camera.


23) Chris Evans


One rainy day while working at Petco, Chris Evans walks into work. My assistant manager is freaking out over the walkie-talkies and “professionally stalking” him through the store. In my head I just keep thinking “he’s just buying dog food. Leave the man alone” He comes up to my register, I ring up his things, the usual. As he leaves I just blurt out, with zero chill. “Hey, Be safe out there! LA drivers act like Hydra is attacking when it starts to rain” My manager turns pale, a regular customer who I was friendly with starts laughing. Chris Evans goes “you’re not wrong” and leaves. I usually have chill with these kind of things, but I completely lost it.


22) Sonia Sotomayor


The one that really got me was meeting Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who was the officiant at my friend’s wedding. It was surreal because there was a whole table full of US Marshalls next to us during the reception (presumably her security detail). Long story less long, she was radiant in red sequins, and graciously tolerated my fangirling with the poise and dignity one would expect from someone whose coworker is literally Clarence Thomas.


21) Sasha Mitchell


When I was twelve, I saw Sasha Mitchell (Cody from Step-by-Step) at the LA Farmer’s Market. I snuck away from my mom just to follow him around silently like a dork. He was just shopping with his girlfriend. He didn’t say anything to me, but to this day I wonder if that’s the girlfriend who sent him to prison for roughing her up.


20) Jason Ritcher


A friend of a friend was visiting from the east coast while my sisters were throwing a Halloween party. She made some joke about expecting to come to Los Angeles and casually see celebrities everywhere. I told her that one of our guests was Jason Richter, the actor who played Jesse in Free Willy. What I thought was a fun anecdote made her completely lose her cool. She called up everyone she knew and told them she was at a party with the Free Willy guy. I had to beg her not to get up and freak out at his feet.


19) Drew Barrymore


When I was ditching high school, I was in Santa Monica walking with some friends. We as we start to pass by a couple and I make eye contact with the guy. I say to my friends ”Hey, that guy looks like Tom Green…’ the girl now makes eye contact with me and I say ‘damn, she looks like Drew Barrymore….’ Well, low and behold, it was them. They laughed and waved and kept walking.


18) Aaron Douglas


I was actually midway through watching the new Battlestar Galactica series when one night while out at a pub, my boyfriend spotted Chief (Aaron Douglas) at the bar watching the hockey game on the TV. I hung back while he approached Aaron just to say hello and that he enjoyed his work. Apparently, Aaron was there waiting for friends, but the friends didn’t show up for hours so he actually ended up coming over to our table to hang out until they did. He sat right next to me and until he showed off his BSG belt buckle, I froze. But then we had lots of drinks and chatted. He was awesome! And when his friends eventually showed up, he still stayed with us because we were clearly cooler.


17) Maddox


I ran into Maddox once outside an Indian restaurant in Mid-Wilshire. He recommended the chicken tikka.


16) Seth Rogen


I was at the Ralph’s in Malibu at 1am. I was in line waiting to check out and my ex decided to let the guy behind us go in front of us because all he had was bacon and chips. As he passed me I realized who it was…. Seth Rogan. Seth Rogan just wanted some bacon and chips at 1 in the morning. Awesome!


15) Josh Peck


The two times Josh Peck came into Borders I said hi to him and turned around and walked into a wall…


14) Adrian Broody


I almost ran over Adrian Brody in the parking lot at Trader Joe’s. He scowled but then looked up and smiled when he saw it was a cute girl who almost killed him. 


13) Val Kilmer


I was walking my dog Queenie when I heard someone ask if I liked the neighborhood. I looked around and didn’t see anyone, so I looked up and saw Val Kilmer standing on the second floor balcony of the house next to my building. I did the opposite of playing it cool and slid my sun glasses down my nose as my mouth fell open and said “Oh my God.” He flirted for a minute while my dog barked incessantly at him, and then I went to work and talked about my Val Kilmer encounter for the next two weeks.


12) Fabio


I was driving with a friend one time. As we came to a stop sign, she pointed at the house next to the sign and said “You know Fabio lives there?” I said “Really?” and stuck my head out the window and made the stupidest face I could—just to have my eyes meet Fabio’s who was watering his lawn in a bathrobe. I felt like such a fucking dumbass.


11) Ashlee Simpson

Premiere Of "God vs Trump" - Arrivals

I almost punched Ashley Simpson by accident, she was in front of me in line at Starbucks and my hand slipped off my purse.


10) Jerry Springer


When I was a teenager, I was traveling with my dad and little brother in Venice, Italy. My brother up and swore he saw Jerry Springer. My dad and I, of course, thought he was nuts. So, of course, we stalked him for a few minutes. Finally, my dad – insistent that he was NOT Jerry Springer – went up and asked, “Are you Jerry Springer”. He nodded kind of bashfully and my dad walked away wide eyed and embarrassed. A few minutes later, my brother saw him again across the channel and yelled, “My mom’s your biggest fan!!”


9) Mark Dacascos


I was at Whole Foods getting rung up when I saw the host of Iron Chef America getting rung up over on the next register. He was very pleasant looking and smiled at me and my friend. He was bundled up in a heavy jacket and hat, which was a little strange considering it was barely cool outside. When my friend and I got into her car, I turned to her. Before I could finish asking “Was that the host of Iron Chef America?” the poor guy BOOKS IT from the market and vomits between two cars.


8) Seth Green


I ran into Seth Green at Anime Expo many moons ago. He was there with the other guy for a Robot Chicken panel. I looked at him and said, “omg Seth Green….you’re really short.” He laughed at my sudden awkwardness, but I felt terrible for actually saying it.


7) Larry H. Parker


I met Larry H Parker while I was working at staples. Doesn’t mean much if you’re not from California, but it was still cool. I’m pretty sure I have his business card sitting around somewhere. That dude was my childhood.


6) Hilary Swank


I was at a restaurant in NYC with friends and one spotted and recognized Hillary Swank nearby. She’d just made Boys Don’t Cry, but I hadn’t seen it and didn’t know her. I told my friend to go say hi if she was such a big deal and when he refuted that if it’s so easy I should do it and he’d pay my end of the bill.  So, I got up and went over, politely begged her pardon and said I’d loved her in Boys Don’t Cry and Armageddon, and that she was lovely in those and looked lovely today too. I asked if she’d let me buy her a drink and she refused, offering to buy me a drink instead. I got to sit with her for ten minutes and chat. Wonderful woman, so down to earth.


5) Dian Bachar


One time we were eating dinner at The Fort, (which is one of the few of our fancy-schmantsy restaraunts), and we saw Dian from BASEketball having a nice quiet date with a lady. We kept yelling SQQQQQEEEAK! SQQEEAK SCOLARI!!! until he got pissed off and left. And in hindsight, this was a lot classier than calling him Choda Boy.


4) Jay Whalley


Frenzal Rhomb are a very important Australian punk band that’s been around since the 90s They invited fans to come round the back of a venue to meet them after the show. I guess I was excited and feeling spontaneous because I asked the lead singer Jay to sign my head. He was taken aback but he obliged. I then went up to guitarist Lindsay, also asked him if he would sign my head & he did. My friend let me be happy for about 10min before showing me that they wrote the words ‘CUNT’ and ‘ASSHOLE’.


3) Chuck Norris


I once sold Chuck Norris a bag of popcorn at the movie theater where I worked. Talk about disappointing! He didn’t throw the bag in the air and sidekick it or anything, just acted like a normal, non-karate-celebrity person.


2) Craig Lamar Traylor


I am like 9000 percent sure I once saw the kid who played Stevie in Malcolm in the Middle at Disneyland. This kid was trying to climb onto a platform on the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. He jumped a little and said, “I can’t get up.” I have always secretly believed it was him.


1) Chris Hemsworth


When I was an extra for RedDawn, my friend and I saw Chris Hemsworth at the food tent. He decided to chat him up for a min and ask for a pic. I took their pic, then immediately a few women extras started walking up to him “We like your accent!” He tells us “Uh. Gotta go” and takes off.



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