Thundercats Roar Isn’t for You- Stop Being Pissed at It

By Loryn Stone

I’ll start at the end and work my way backwards this time. Thundercats Roaris for children. Point blank, unapologetically, the show, art style, and visual gags are for children. Just the same as when Teen Titans Go! “was the reason that Young Justice was cancelled” and “ruined your childhood by stepping all over the original 2003 Teen Titans”, Thundercats Roar is clearly trying to fuck up your day.

2122268-169_thundercats_ot_multi_101212.jpgFunny enough, only people in my social media feed without kids are the ones having any problems with the teaser and artwork they saw. And out of nowhere, in spite of the massive amounts of shit talking about Cartoon Network’s last attempt at a Thundercats reboot in 2011, everyone is in social justice warrior mode, crying over the corpse of the failed show declaring their love for the “edgy” version all along.

I’ve written about cartoons at least a million times, as well as discussed reboots and what makes them shitty. The reason reboots fail is because they try to add a serious edge that doesn’t suit the universe. It doesn’t matter that you liked Thundercats 2011- no one else did. Same with the He-Man reboots. Those came and went and no one cared. Let’s take another show that’s shitty and corny like let’s say, Inspector Gadget. Sure, it had some weird CG direct to video movies that were probably smash hits in Brazil or something, but no one in the US cared. All right, so, Gadget. I would LOVE if Inspector Gadget came back as a serious police drama where he was rebuilt as a crazed cyborg man and Dr. Claw was a war genius or some shit. I’d take some weird ass mecha-Gadget in a heartbeat and probably want to do weird things to him because I have a robot-boner all the time. But it would have no charm. Audiences would hate it. It couldn’t sell toys. It wouldn’t be a success. No successful show is cancelled. Networks want to make money. Which is why the new Voltron cartoon is hanging around. Somehow, people like it.
thundercats-roar-slice-600x200Because of streaming services, all kids’ networks ratings are declining. Cartoon Network has two smash hits on it- Rick and Morty and Teen Titans Go! Neither of those are CN shows. They are Adult Swim, which makes shows for the network and Warner Bros. which makes shows for the network. Cartoon Network’s original programming is tanking in the 49%, whereas Teen Titans Go declined in ratings by only about 2%. That’s why it’s no surprise that Thundercats Roar is in fact another Warner Bros. production, led by Sam Register, the same executive behind Teen Titans Go!
To me, it’s no surprise they’d take a franchise that was once considered edgy and now made it all cute in a Steven Universe style. But even from its start- Thundercats was for kids. Fuck, I wouldn’t be surprised if He-Man made a cutsie-bootsie chibi return since Skeletor is everyone’s boyfriend.

And yes, this is a call to the wild.

Give me my boyfriend, cute (Skeletor) boyfriend.

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