PopLurker is STOKED for Power Morphicon! (August 17th-19th 2018)

By Loryn Stone

DSCN0076Power Morphicon is the bi-annual celebration of all things Power Rangers related in the form of an ass-kicking three-day expo that’s been in effect since 2007. This year, it will run from August 17th-19th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The show is put on by the amazing Scott Zillner, the Robot and Toy enthusiast responsible for Japan World Heroes and Robo Toy Fest, two other toy shows in the Los Angeles area. Power Morphicon has been in his hands since its second show.

IMG_8818I met Scott at Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, California where he had an amazing booth set up with an incredible amount of rare Power Rangers, Gundam, and Bandai figurines from other animes and Japanese Sentai shows. He was quite tolerant of my geeking out and gushing over his wares, and even indulged me in some conversation about robot shows. It was only after the tenth dorky thing came out of my mouth that I realized Scott was the man behind the Power Morphicon expo.


Commence internal shrieking and fangirling.

Okay, I’m lying, it was external too, and I took many pictures of Scott’s amazing booth.


The lineup of guests for Power Morphicon is varied and exciting. From actors to producers, fans of all seasons will find someone from Power Rangers’ vast history that they recognize and connect with. Taken from the Power Morphicon website, the flagship guest lineup is:

Carla Perez – American actress for Rita Repulsa (MMPR)

Sabrina Lu – American actress for Scorpina (MMPR)

Romy J. Sharf – Suit actor for Alpha (MMPR)

Derek Stephen Prince – Baddie Voice Actor (MMPR)

Selwyn Ward – T.J. (PRTurbo)

Tracy Lynn Cruz – Ashley (PRTurbo/In Space)

Carol Hoyt – Dimitria and Divatox (PRTurbo)

Christopher Khayman Lee – (PR In Space)

Melody Perkins -Astronema in Power Rangers in Space and Karone, the Pink Ranger, in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Patrick David – Psycho Red (PR in Space / Lost Galaxy)

Cerina Vincent – Maya (PR Lost Galaxy)

Jason Faunt – Wes and Alex (PR Time Force)

Kate Sheldon – Nadira (PR Time Force)

Ann Marie Crouch – Princess Shayla (PR Wildforce)

Jorge Vargas Jr – Navy Thunder Ranger (PR Ninja Storm)

Jeff Parazzo – Trent (PR Dino Thunder)

Aly Purrott – Syd (PR SPD)

Mike Ginn – Gem (PR RPM)

Brennan Mejia – Tyler (PR Dino Charge)

Adi Shankar – Power Rangers Film Producer

And that’s only the beginning. Two more sets of guests have been announced for Power Morphicon, all of whom can be seen on the official website, including Karen Ashley and Catherine Sutherland, the second Yellow Ranger Aisha through MMPR and Pink Ranger Cat in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers through Zeo and Turbo. Fans of the short-lived but memorable V.R. Troopers will be treated to seeing actors from the show as featured Power Morphicon guests as well.


Additionally, Power Morphicon has teamed up with Bandai to create an exclusive Lord Drakkon figurine, the gorgeous mashup of Tommy Oliver’s Green Ranger and White Ranger. I don’t know who I have to fist-fight to get one of my own, but you bet your ass I’ll be at Power Morphicon battling down for my own. And if I miss out- worry not- the expo has a full vendor and artist hall to ensure I stay nice and cash-free for the rest of the show.

Power Morphicon registration started August 1st, 2017.

Online registration ends July 9th, 2018

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