PopLurker Panels: Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary at OtaFest

By Jonathan Meisner


PopLurker was fortunate to attend OtaFest’s 20th Anniversary celebration from May 18-20, 2018. However, they were not the only ones celebrating a milestone birthday.

Sailor Moon turns 25 this year, and OtaFest had a special panel on Sunday celebrating all things Sailor Moon, and PopLurker got in line an hour before the panel began to ensure we had a seat at this discussion amongst the Moonies.

Hosted by Jeremy Androsoff (Jeremy also has an Instagram) an obsessed Sailor Moon fan, Jeremy took us through the chronological history of the series from Sailor Moon in 1992-1993 up to Sailor Moon Sailor Stars from 1996-1997.

Over the course of the panel Jeremy showed best remembered scenes such as “My Only Love” and “Queen Beryl vs Princess Serenity” as well as best forgotten clips such as the infamous Toon Makers music video from 1994 that was meant to be an American made live-action-animated hybrid Sailor Moon television show in the U.S. that is still referred to as Saban Moon.

Judging from the laughter amongst the audience this music video can stay in the past.

We were also treated to the video for the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Japanese TV series from 2003 and the live transformations earned more laughter from the Moonies in attendance at the absurdity appearing before them on the screen, notably Tuxedo Mask and his…getting dressed for the part.

sailor moon my little pony parody.jpgBeing a native Canadian, Jeremy was sure to mention how the last 17 episodes of Sailor Moon R were dubbed for after an outcry from Canadian Sailor Moon fans. Jeremy also went into detail about how the lacklustre animation for Sailor Moon Crystal’s first two seasons was essentially a bunch of arms and legs with a head attached. In addition to Luna and Artemis being a mix of CG and hand puppets in the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. A rather bizarre fan made video from YouTube was also shown to the crowd, Sailor Moon Meets My Little Pony. Again, this was played for laughs. Jeremy then took the crowd through the Sailor Moon musical and noted how since 2013 the musical has been comprised of an all female cast and showed a brief clip to the room. sailor moon musical.jpg

PopLurker also got to meet some of the Moonies who were in attendance both for the panel as well as being there for the weekend and they were gracious enough to let us snap some photos. Then we were tested on our knowledge of all things Sailor Moon with some trivia at the end with various Sailor Moon centric prizes to be won before everyone was invited up to the front to look through some of Jeremy’s Sailor Moon booklets including one that featured sketches of the original costume designs.

original costume sketches.jpg

dt_tran and crowecolin IG
dt_tran and crowecolin on IG


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lari.rissa on IG
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littleboo2002 on IG
Southern Alberta Sailor Senshi facebook
Southern Alberta Sailor Senshi on Facebook

Wrapping things up, the announcement was made about the release of Sailor Moon R and S the movies in theaters July 28 and 30 as well as Sailor Moon Supers the movie coming out August 4 and August 6 along with the never before seen in theaters short Ami’s First Love.

PopLurker would like to thank OtaFest again as well as thank Jeremy Androsoff for hosting an entertaining panel celebrating the last quarter century of Sailor Moon.


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