Chuck Tingle: The Interview that Pounded Me in the Butt

By Breana Ceballos


Being on the internet for a long time kind of makes you immune to some of the more…interesting things of the world. Loving anime helps as well. People are weird and if you have lived long enough to see that it’s hard to get shocked anymore. Which is why when I discovered the work of Chuck Tingle I immediately lit up over what he does over in his corner of the web.


The man has endless layers with his erotic fiction, more than I ever thought possible. Multiple timelines, vampire buses, reverse twins and other stuff turns the normally boring world of erotic ebooks into art. The world of Chuck Tingle can be hard to penetrate but if you are willing to climb aboard it can be rewarding to live in something way more bizarre and even optimistic than our own. The world fucking sucks right now but as long as there is a true buckaroo way that offers hope then we too can live our own truth. I contacted Chuck to get some insights on the man and his universe to better understand the genius disguised as butt pounding insanity.


2Chuck’s website lists the many accomplishments that he has made during his time on earth. He continually surprises me (pleasantly) everyday with his inspiring tweets and motivational thoughts. His books are a refreshing take on something many of us take far too seriously.

He takes homosexual bromance to another level and created his own world where people are free to let go their sexual wiles. If you have never read a novel by Dr. Chuck Tingle I encourage you to do so. You will find yourself laughing, getting hard, and maybe even a little cry at the end. It is a ride I think everyone should experience even if you only read one. You need to take a peek at the genius that is this man.

If it’s wrong to read about a man having gay sex with a vampire bus, a raptor, a yeti ghost pirate, or a unicorn ghost colonel, then I don’t want to be right.



Many believe that Chuck Tingle is a character you put on, any truth to this? Who is the real Chuck Tingle?

thank you as man name of chuck this is my normal way so i would say REAL CHUCK TINGLE is billings buckaroo who likes to trot through the neighborhood and say hello to everyone (except ted cobbler) and then wave to the neighborhood birds and also man who loves his family like son jon on KLOWY and also sweet barbara. so that is my way.


What are the typical responses to your books?

well i would say typical response to a tingler would be to say ‘oh this is interesting, i have never seen this before let’s have a look’ then they have a look and they feel like maybe they have stirred something within them to be CURIOUS about this new way maybe they like it and think ‘oh wow, now i am hard as rocks’ or maybe they just think that it is a jokester way that is okay too. as long as this is bringing joy into their life and proving that love is real, i think it is fine and i would consider them tingled.


What first made you want to start writing erotica? What made you want to touch others by Tingling them?

back in HOME OF TRUTH UTAH (this is where i am from) i wrote a lot but i was not allowed to write about this way so i hid tinglers under the floor these were early works of writing and that was okay so nobody could find them but then after the big fire they were all gone. Then i walked for a very long time but also rode when buckaroos offered a dang ride i learned so much on this LONG JOURNEY but then one day i came to billings and i thought ‘i will stay here’ so that is my way. But i think i always enjoyed PROVING LOVE IS REAL and there are maybe ways to do this writing tinglers is just the one of them that became popular but that is okay because i enjoy this way. thanks


How does one go about being published in that field? Was it hard for people to take you seriously at first?

as a self-published man this was never a problem. i would write stories i had a few online, then son jon said ‘oh you could maybe put these on amazon that is a good project’ and i said ‘yes i would enjoy this way’ then son jon talked to his bud SAM RAND who lives far away but he is an online bud and he has published before on AMAZONS and ram rand works on our internet projects now he is very nice (one time i thought he worked at the coffee shop down the street but this is incorrect he was always an online man but sometimes i get confused that’s okay) so anyway that is how i became big timer. i have never been concerned about being taken as a SERIOUS MAN, i am just myself so that was never a problem.


You tend to use a lot of mythological creatures in your stories, have you always been a fan of fantasy? Are there any creatures we can look forward to in your upcoming books?

well mostly i just write about creatures that have been part of society on nearby timelines, so maybe it is mythical here, but most places this is just part of life in a normal way. there are some variations from timeline to timeline but mostly this is just the way of the buckaroo. but as far as tinglers go there are only four types this is unicorn, bigfoot, dinosaur and living object so that will be what upcoming books feature most variety in this way comes from living objects so we will see.



I really like how you can make an inanimate object into a living, breathing character for your book. Let’s look at Vlad the Vampire Bus, is that hard to do? How do you come up with your ideas?

well VAMPIRE NIGHT BUS was an easy one because this character is a notorious bad boy everyone in dang town was frightened by him and knew that he was probably a vampire night bus (and he was) so i think his character was simple enough. Most difficult part of writing this tingler is that it is very scary and also has a scary ending which is not typical of tinglers. So it was important to have a scary ending but also prove love but I think this happens i think it is a cautionary tale but also it is just a tingler so readers on this timeline can think ‘oh wow didn’t see that coming what an adventure i had fun so this proves love to me’.


Is there an order to your books? Which one would you recommend to start with? How deep does the Tingleverse run?

well there is no order to tinglers but many of them interact actually ALL OF THEM interact in some way but it is not always obvious how because they take place in many different timelines. i think once you understand REALITY of the tingleverse it is easy to see these connections but that is mostly for seasoned buckaroos so really you can read in any order. But i would say best tingler to start with would be my favorite REAMED BY MY REACTION TO THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK it is my favorite tingler but also I think it shows basic idea of way tingleverse works also CHUCK TINGLES GUIDE TO ROMANCE or GUIDE TO THE VOID are good ways of understanding this important place thank you.



You have a lot going on, A podcast, books, audiobooks, a game in the works, guided meditation videos, is there anything you haven’t done but would like to do?

well yes i like to express my way in ALL ART i think I would like to be able to use any media to prove love so when buckaroos come to me and say ‘hello Chuck here is idea i have this way and I would like to join your way’ i normally say yes because this is way of a creating buckaroo. i have always thought about making FILMED TINGLER also name of adult movie and i have written this script and it is being made but i cannot say specifics but i think that it will prove love and i had good time working on that. i hope ladybucks like it because this company makes moves with ladybuck on ladybuck way so that is my script but i think it will be very fun and hopefully spread joy.


Would you ever consider writing a “choose your own adventure” style novel?

yes I have considered this way i think I will do this someday i just have not had enough time yet. But i think this is a good idea and would prove love thank you.


Did you ever expect such a cult following from writing these tingling tales of erotica?

Well after first few books i noticed that many people liked them online they were very popular and beings shared SON JON would show me that everyone was talkin tingle on the internet. Then i thought WHOA BUDDY THIS IS DANG SWEET so then they were so kind about my way and everyone said ‘you should write more Chuck’ and the rest is history buckaroo. So i think that when they happened i realized as man name of Chuck ‘oh wow maybe I will be the world’s greatest writer some day’ and now I am so that is pretty exciting I think.


Do you have any crazy fan stories? What most stands out in your mind?

well i get a lot of nice messages from fans. i try to respond but there are so many sometimes it is hard but i would say that they are all CRAZY NICE so that is good. i think that all buckaroos who understand the buckaroo lifestyle are so kind and nice so it mostly just stands up that buckaroo fans have a KIND WAY as a whole- i think that is most important way anyway.


Would you say that is the hottest leading news site that everyone should be watching?

yes i would say that this is top news source in the country.



Do you have any causes that you would like to speak out for specifically?

well i have always been a big supporter of ALLOW ALL FLAVORS this is to make it so that all flavors of food are legal we have made a lot of progress when we first started out only chocolate vanilla and strawberry were legal flavors and even spaghetti was banned (but everyone made it anyway this was UNENFORCED LAW). But now many other flavors are legal just the other day i saw someone eating a dang orange and they did not get arrested so i think there is still work to be done. But i am happy to say that most flavors are allowed now. also important message is that BILLINGS PD needs to make sure the lake is a safe place there are crabs at the lake that have been a menace for years, and BILLINGS PD is doing nothing about it they should have signs saying only two ply crab suits and above and every year someone shows up with a one ply crab suit which leads to TRAGEDY. So i think that i would like to say always wear two ply crab suits or more if you go to the lake thank you.


Your books not only fill the erotica genre but also are wonderful love stories. How did you come to understand Love so well? Is there a Mr./Mrs./They-Them Tingle?

yes, my wife sweet barbara at the bottom of the frozen lake. i miss her very much but i think her way has taught me a lot of things now she just talks like marbles in the walls or when I am trying to sleep so that is a way of UNDERSTANDING what it is like at the bottom of the frozen lake and also understanding what happens when someone leaves your timeline (and then returns) so it is interesting i think but it has taught me some DETAILS OF LOVE that are more complicated. but it is also important to remember that love is always real so that is most important message of all.


Do you have any messages for your Tinglings/Fans?

yes please take a moment today to prove love is real it is so easy and YOU HAVE THE POWER to do it you can call a friend or go for a walk and pick up trash or even just PROVE LOVE TO YOURSELF there are so many ways and YOU have the power so use it it us a lot of fun! thank you love is real thanks.


Chuck Tingle’s books are for sale on his website or Amazon. You can find him on Twitter, his Podcast, or on the top news source in the country,


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