PopLurker Convention Coverage: Comic Con Revolution 2018

By Loryn Stone


PopLurker would like to thank Comic Con Revolution for generously providing Press Passes in exchange for convention coverage.


On Saturday May 19th, PopLurker traveled down to Ontario, California to attend (one day) of Comic Con Revolution. This is a new convention, only in its second year, but it held up to the big guys. What seemed like it would be a small convention in the beginning of the day quickly burst in the afternoon, and by 1:00pm, the Expo Hall and convention center lobby were bursting with cosplayers, photographers, and convention-dwellers alike. The atmosphere was fun, buzzing, exciting, and overall just lots and lots of fun.

But first, our favorite cosplayers!

StarWingHood Cosplay on Instagram and Facebook
Stranger Things: Project C28 on Instagram
Miraculous Ladybug!
DarthSamHain on Instagram
Ballgown Ariel: LindsayBT on Facebook
Center Harley Quinn: MonkeyChu83 on Instagram
Duuuuuuuude. These were huge.

While PopLurker was only able to cover one day of the three-day convention, we didn’t miss out on any of the fun. There were plenty of panels with a wide variety of topics (PopLurker attended the Geek Say What Podcast Network panel, the Wonder Woman panel, and the Make Mecha Mine panels). While there were fewer in the Celebrity/Q&A type of panels, fans of Batman: The Animated Series were treated to a panel featuring Kevin Conroy, THE voice for animated Batman in many/most/all iterations of the Cartoon Bat.

The Geek Say What Network podcasting panel was excellent. The four hosts (JPG, Cole, Anthony, and Alex) were fun, funny, full of information, and they had great chemistry together. Hearing about the mistakes they made while leaning the podcast ropes was super informative and sweetly funny. We can’t wait to keep these four under our radar and see what amazing things they do in the podcasting world!

Hosts Cole, Anthony, JPG and Alex from Geeks Say What? Network

There’s something very special about the atmosphere of a comic book convention that differs greatly from an anime convention. The crowd attending Comic Con Revolution matched the vibe of WonderCon, which is one of my happiest convention experiences to date. Inside the Expo/Vendor Hall, the merchandise available was very comic book/pop culture central. Being that I am a huge Pennywise the Clown fan, I made sure to take pictures of all booths where my little clown buddy was lying in wait.

And one of my favorite things about comic book conventions (in addition to the actual sale of comic books) is the abundance of horror memorabilia. From wallets and purses to t-shirts and gore, there was amazing merchandise available from sellers. The Artist Alley sort of merged and blended with the vendors-proper, but all of the crafts for sale at Comic Con Revolution were really amazing, and really unique.

Aspen Comics
Tee Turtle Booth
Cartoon Veteran Fred Gonzales
Lil’ Paper Cuties on Instagram
Stephan Franck of Dark Planet Comics
Gnarly wares from the Blood and Teeth booth
Elizabeth Daugherty of D-Geek Art 


Hanging out with the awesome Pin Plugged guys!
Geeky and Kinky Booth
Joshua Schneider of Fett Up Toys

My favorite booth by far belonged to Scott Zillner, the man behind the Power Morphicon Convention, which evoked so much Power Rangers, mecha, and robot stoke for me that it received its very own blurb post-Comic Con Revolution. But it wouldn’t be a convention review without mentioning the special guests surrounding the perimeter of the Expo Hall. Cosplayer Angi Viper was there cosplaying Jetpack Jules, the convention’s mascot character where she toured the expo interviewing attendees and cosplayers. The Southland Ghostbusters were there, southern California’s own local Ghostbusting cosplay troupe. They are available for appearances and charity events and are a really great group of guys. Check out their website for all social media and information on how to book them for an appearance.

Hanging out with the Southland Ghostbusters
PopLurker’s Breana with the Southland Ghostbusters

But best of all, at least for me, was the surprise presence of KISSED ALIVE, the KISS cover band who is larger than life. These guys exuded POWER. Taking pictures of them was a total blast, and later in the afternoon, they treated the crowd to an unplugged show. Clips of them in action can be found here on the PopLurker Instagram page. They played their instruments like masters, and if you just decided to tell me that their drummer was Peter Criss, I’d believe you. Because seriously, he looked exactly like him in that makeup. It was insane.

The Four KISSED ALIVE band members! 
KISSED ALIVE performing an unplugged show at Comic Con Revolution 2018  

Comic Con Revolution was an absolute blast. It was a cozy, comfortable, happy convention where everyone was safe and seemed to have a great time. It was a family-friendly, cosplay positive atmosphere.

Follow Loryn on Twitter. She also has a personal blog. Her debut novel My Starlight, a young adult novel about anime, cosplaying, fandom, love, loss, and friendship will be released August 3rd, 2018 by Affinity Rainbow Publications.

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