PopLurker Press: Scapula MEMENTO MORI

By Breana Ceballos


This Wednesday, June 13th 2018 artist Aidan Casserly will be releasing a new book in his Scapula series, Scapula Memento Mori. For those unfamiliar, Scapula is Casserly’s gothic webcomic about an aspiring supervillain and his team of creeps and monsters.  This latest release collects the final story arc of the original webcomic series in print for the first time. The book will be available for purchase at the Scapula Online Store and also at Casserly’s booth as he makes the comic convention rounds along the West Coast. If you want to read the arc that this book is based on you can catch up with it here.


Scapula has found his true love at last…but is it Jemini, the doubly-dangerous gangster, or Bone China, the enigmatic goth girl? When a secret murderous cult wants them all dead, it’s up to Scapula and his monstrous army of villains to save the women he’s obsessed with…whether they want him or not.

As you can tell, the series is a love letter to pulp horror and sci fi that also ties in modern comic book sensibilities. There is a ton of references to old sci fi, from fish monsters to Ed Wood movies and it’s all tied together with some genuine comedic chaos. Scapula would feel right at home as a Venture Brothers villain and shares many of that show’s irreverent humor. Anything with a woman supervillain already has my interest and my not-so-secret fondness for cartoon girls in tiny outfits makes this a comic I can’t wait to read in book form. Casserly’s previous book Scapula Sinister Monster Doom Legion was a ton of fun and I am sure it will be hilarious and twisted.

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Scapula and his band of minions are seriously a ton of fun to read about and it is always great to see artists that still have a fondness for throwback camp. His manic comedic timing is between the characters a blast to read. If you have yet to introduce yourself to this hidden gem I suggest you check out the New Reader page. There you can find most of the information needed to fully immerse yourself in the deranged world of Aidan Casserly. Try out the webcomic and if you enjoy it, I fully recommend the collected volumes because then you can see the art truly pop.

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