PopLurker Reviews: Lesbian (Sci-Fi) Erotica for Pride Month

By Matthew Burroughs


Hello lurkers, it’s your old buddy Matt with yet another batch of dirty books for your consideration. For Pride Month, I’d like to explore some LGBTQ themed erotica, and make a few suggestions to expand your horizons (and mine) regarding sexy literature. The month of June is rapidly drawing to a close, so let’s not fuck around. Please, hop in my intergalactic smut-mobile and let’s go on an adventure. First stop, Women on The Edge of Space: Lesbian Erotic Science Fiction Stories, available on Amazon.

Lesbian Sci-fi. Something about those words put together in such a way makes my mind wander. While my first thought might be to rewrite one of those shitty Starship Troopers movies with some much-needed girl-on-girl, my second thought settles to obscure erotica. I came across this particular gem of a compilation based on a tip we received at PopLurker HQ, which recommended erotic author Shanna Germain. She’s one of four different authors that contribute short stories to this book, all of which deserve to be read. That being said, Germain’s work titled, “The Many Deaths of Cecilia Long” captured most of my attention.

Cecilia Long is a “rift jumper.” I didn’t go to the same college as Cecilia so I’ll never know how to get that job, but Ms. Long is taking care of business in a far-off space station. Cecilia has a reoccurring issue while fighting the good fight way up in the sky, and it’s that she seems to die a lot. Despite this notably significant handicap, Cecilia still finds the time to fuck many, many different girlfriends, with a hot and heavy style that balances oddly well with the fantastical ideas presented in the story. I’m quite sure there’s something deeper here regarding the themes and ideas presented in Cecilia’s numerous deaths. Cecilia’s deaths are sometimes by choice, but always seem to be affected in some way by her lovers. While I could probably debate those themes for hours on end with friends, it’s not something you’ll get upset about if you can’t crack the code. Germain’s writing style is entertaining. I was intrigued by the sometimes ram-rod straight (no pun intended) humor sprinkled throughout. Overall the writing reminded me of a Douglas Adams/Kurt Vonnegut mashup…if they wrote about ladies having hot oral sex.

Germain tells a hell of a lot of story in a short amount of time, and you’ll be ramped up to read the rest of the compilation in short order. If you’re ready to check out of this square world and blast off to kicks-ville for an evening, make an appointment with the Women on the Edge of Space…just remember you’ll probably only get to die once.

Keep lurking for our next LGBTQ erotica read, “Shared: A Surprise Camping Menage.” See you soon!


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