PopLurker Reviews: Hazardous Terror at The Whisky A Go Go

By Loryn Stone


hammerfall2018usatourposter.jpgOn June 14th 2018, Swedish Heavy Metal band HammerFall came back to Los Angeles only one year after their 2017 Built to Tour show, which they co-headlined with the band Delain. While HammerFall tore up the stage with their high energy, mind blowing songs, and spectacular show, there was something about the pairing that was to me a little odd. Something that made the show feel…not quite fleshed out.

Not. This. Year.

If 2017 was the year of HammerFall’s North American return, then 2018 was the year of amazement and perfection. The entire show, from the opening bands, leading into the band Flotsam and Jetsam and finishing off with HammerFall was just incredible. But you can’t have perfection without a strong start, which is what we got with the first opening band Hazardous Terror.

These guys were mind blowing. 


Their sound just tore through the small club and announced their presence with a kick-ass opening song, “Nurclear Waste” reminiscent of old-school Thrash Metal. With clear metal and punk influence as well, this Los Angeles band from Costa Mesa, California have won a new fan. And while my personal taste leans toward heavy metal / power metal (and 80s cock rock, I’m not going to lie) something about Hazardous Terror really worked for me.


I loved the use of black and green in their logo (as well as on the bassist’s strings) which was just a super clean and stylized touch.

You can only imagine my thrill when I found their entire EP on YouTube.

The entire set list was great, and I was fortunate enough to get a copy of it.

  • Nuclear Waste
  • U.T.R
  • Fugly Kinda Hot Chick
  • Tub Salt Flesh Eater
  • Media Pollution
  • Waste of My Time
  • Dr. Gore
  • There Goes the Neighborhood
  • Hazardous Terror

I can’t wait to see more of this local band in the Los Angeles metal scene. I’m hoping for great things from them. Plus they gave me a patch and who doesn’t love a present?


Cheers to Hazardous Terror and thank you for making this tour such a special one!


You can find Hazardous Terror on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


Loryn is on Twitter.

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