PopLurker Reviews: More LGBT Erotica (For Pride Month)

By Matthew Burroughs


B1tgbLtvTOS._UX250_Pride month is still in full swing, and today we’re reviewing A Surprise Camping Ménage by Mia Moore.

To my mind, bi-sexual erotica is one of the most difficult sub-genres to write about effectively. More to the point, a bi-sexual threesome featuring two females and one guy is absolutely the most difficult. Sure, if you’re directing a porno, FFM pretty much writes itself. Couple of slutty chicks taking care of a stud while they pretend to be into each other…. yawn.  But what if you’re goals were loftier? What if, for example, you attempted to write a threesome novel that enticed ALL readers without insulting their intelligence? Mia Moore attempts just such an improbable feat with Shared: A Surprise Camping Ménage.

In Shared we’re introduced to Liam, Shari and Riley. A fun weekend is afoot, as they’re all excited about the big weekend camping trip. The trip was supposed to be four, but Riley’s boy toy had some half-assed emergency and couldn’t make it. While this was supposed to be a friendly little platonic excursion into the wilderness, Shari and Riley share a bit of secret: a not-so-distant memory of a teenage lesbian experience. The first day of the trip paints Liam and Shari in a more conservative light, but Riley won’t stop shamelessly flirting with everyone. Come on, we’re trying to enjoy ourselves here! Alongside the main characters, we learn a brief sexual history of the three, and the tension is quickly at critical mass. Liam volunteers to go catch some fish for dinner, and now the ladies are hot, horny, and alllll by themselves. Hoo-boy.

To the novel’s credit, the sexual tension and subsequent love making between Shari and Riley feels genuine. Judging by the cover and the general tone of these sort of stories, I was concerned the sexy times would be only in the context of Liam’s pleasure. Thankfully, Shari and Riley feel something very deep, and explore that feeling over the course of several chapters. Of course Liam gets involved, and the last two-thirds of the novel are a guilty pleasure of threesome fucking. While overall the writing works well, I’m sorry to say I’ve discovered possibly the worst quote in erotica history. I’m not doing my job if I don’t bring it up.  The ladies just finished a hot sex session, and at the suggestion of a dip in the cool lake:

It’s got to be ninety in the shade, and a million degrees in my cunt, if you get what I mean..”

I think I get what she means but come on, we’ve got to be better than this. Fifty Shades would call that a shit piece of dialogue. I’m only upset as this is an unfortunate black eye on an otherwise stellar piece of erotica. Let’s just forget all about that one line and appreciate Shared for doing what it does well.

It’s a hard job but Shared succeeds in delivering a fun romp that is “bi-sexual” in the true sense of the word. Personally, I’d have preferred an air-conditioned hotel, but if you can take the heat, come pitch a tent with this sexy lakeside trio.


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