PopLurker Reviews: M/M/F Bisexual Ménage Romance (For Pride Month!)

By Matthew Burroughs


Hello again my dearest Lurkers. If you ask me (and you haven’t), it’s been a very productive Pride Month here in PopLurker’s erotica department. So far in June we’ve gone out into the forest and even to the rifts of deep space to explore LGBT smut, but we’re still not quite done. We need to take one last trip out into the far reaches of the human experience. We need to see just how extravagant, and how far our sexual imaginations can take us! Let’s DO THIS! For our last adventure we open to a planned housing community in suburban Indiana….

Ok, stay with me here…


In The Neighbor by Darcia Cobbler, we are introduced to the highly successful power couple of Brandon and Gemma. They’re still young, cute, and love each other very much, but the sex life is in a dismal state. Thankfully for us, there’s a wild card moving into the neighborhood. As Gemma is out on her morning jog, she meets Matt, who is moving into the house next door. Oh man, Matt is a handsome and charming sun-uva-bitch, and Gemma feels a strange pang deep inside. Upon Gemma’s invitation, Matt visits the married couple for a BBQ, and a bond is quickly formed. It’s platonic, but it’s so nice to see some life back in this household yet again. The “sticky wicket” of this new found friendship is that Matt is only in town for a few weeks, soon to relocate again for work. Of course, Brandon and Gemma invite their fast friend over for one last goodbye, another relaxing BBQ. There’s a slight tension in the air this time however. While Gemma is preparing dessert in the next room, Brandon suddenly pops a surprising question to Matt:

“You ever have sex with a guy?”

The Neighbor’s writing style is well done for its kind. The sex is hot and steamy, without being over the top or crude. However, there’s a serious problem with its length (no pun intended). Clocking in at about an hour of steady out-loud reading, there’s very little time for character development or to explore WHY these seemingly hetero people are opening themselves to something new. Has the husband always felt like this?  Is this something reserved for his new best friend? Who the hell knows? It’s like this book was written for a thirty-minute tv episode, and most of the concepts are left unexplored. There’s a good story in there, somewhere…. but at its core, a little kiss of this and a suck of that isn’t displaying what these three people should be feeling in this moment.  I wish the author of this story would come across this review.  Maybe, they’d be encouraged to fledge out their unfortunate “cliff-notes” version of a promising piece of erotica.



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