PopLurker Interviews: Inland Blue Comics (Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2018)

By Loryn Stone


This past weekend at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in Las Vegas, Nevada, PopLurker discovered one booth that stood out from the others. The guys from Inland Blue Comics from Los Angeles’ Inland Empire were more than enthusiastic to tell us all about their incredible comic, Grace by C.W. Thayer.

Inland Blue 03.JPG

Inland Blue 07.JPG

We caught a quick interview with the guys because we were dying to hear all about Grace and its intriguingly fresh premise. This is what the guys had to say:

Inland Blue Comics:

Hi, I’m Mike from Inland Blue Comics and we’re based out of Southern California’s Inland Empire area. Our number one comic is Grace. Grace dies on the second page of the first book. I know, spoiler, right? But like any good comic book character Grace is given the opportunity to come back to life if every night at midnight, she takes an irredeemable soul. Evil, evil people who have no chance of validation ever. Murders, rapists, really bad, bad people. Therefore, she has to take this soul every night at midnight to stay alive and to live another day.

But the difference with Grace is she has no superpowers. She’s not a superhero, no powers, she’s just a regular person. We wanted to look at the real-world impact of superhero situations. We put a regular person in a superhero situation. So, how does she juggle her social life? Friday night she’s out at the bar with her friends and it’s almost midnight. She can’t just turn to her friend and say “Hold my beer, I’m going to go kill somebody, I’ll be right back.” We’d all freak out if our friends told us that!

And after a few weeks of doing this every day at midnight, all of her clothes are blood spattered. What is she going to wear to work tomorrow? Real world implications of superhero situations. And we did a strong female protagonist- there’s no love interest, there’s no love story. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she has to be obsessed with a guy! We wanted real world stuff. She doesn’t wear spandex. She doesn’t wear stiletto heels. She wears leggings and a hoodie. She’s comfortable. We wanted a real person. We wanted to go somewhere different. We’re not going to be Marvel at doing Marvel, so let’s go somewhere else.


Inland Blue Comics is on Twitter and Facebook. You can buy Grace or pre-order Inland Blue Comic’s Legba’s Juke Joint directly from their website.

Loryn is on Twitter. Her debut novel My Starlight (a young adult contemporary story about fandom, anime, conventions, cosplaying, love, and loss) will be released August 3rd, 2018 by Affinity Rainbow Publications.

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