Move Over ‘The Happytime Murders’, There’s an R-Rated Show in Town

By Lauren Hughes


Earlier in the year, the trailer for ‘The Happytime Murders’ hit the internet, in all its fleece-covered glory. Although the movie features drugs, adult language and the titular stuffing-filled homicide, it seems another scene really has got audiences hot under the collar.

Puppet. Sex.

Yes, you read that right, our 1:3 scale fleece actors hook up, in a scene that’s equally comical as it is inappropriate. And viewers everywhere are laughing their heads off.

But it isn’t exactly unique or ground-breaking. In 1989 Peter Jackson released ‘Meet the Feebles’, and though it’s mostly a forgotten gem, its influence lived on in cinema.

In 2010 The Puppet Forge broadcast its seasonal special, ‘The Real Meaning of Halloween’. In this show, ‘Transylvania TV’, a bevy of classic Hollywood monsters take a break from running their cult TV station in order to celebrate the holiday.


Most of the castle misfits have their particular beliefs and festivities, but the morose Count LeShoc believes himself to be the victim of a supernatural curse, which dooms him to a period of severe bad luck.


While his crew enjoy a night of partying, adventuring and *ahem* “blessings” from the Pumpkin Prince, LeShoc decides to take a vacation. This ends rather abruptly in when his coffin becomes misplaced in the lost luggage department of Denver airport.

There he meets the sassy Kim Hotep, and the two share an intimate weekend together, including a little mistress-slave role-play.


The count eventually kidnap-*ahem* “liberates” Kim (much to her consternation) by stealing her gold sarcophagus. Transylvania TV gains a brand new star, and as LeShoc puts it “a perky nymph with bouncy cans”.

You can watch Transylvania TV for free on Seeka TV, with exclusive behind the scenes footage on (Channel ‘TVTVonline’). Alternatively, also available on Amazon, and follow the hashtag #IWantMyTVTV for more updates.

“Finally a puppet show for me!” – Harry Knowles, Aint it Cool News
“Beautifully conceived and executed, TVTV is so good it’s scary” – Trace Beaulieu, MST3K


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