Poplurker Book Review: Whiskey Burned

By Breana Ceballos


I had a hard time putting this book down. Usually, I focus on reading more LGBT “romance” but in this case the story was so well written that I couldn’t keep away. Jessalyn Jameson’s Whisky Burned is a hetero erotic country story you won’t want to miss out on and is available on Amazon.

Jameson puts so much detail in the scenes of the story that you can’t help but feel that the quarreling between the two characters leads to somewhere. Eventually. The described facial expressions, the cocked brow, the sly smiles, all really help to put the reader in the scene. The ease at which she writes everything and the language she uses really makes you feel like you have been swept away to the countryside.

TB (Tamaryn) and Jake brought together by circumstance and a sense of duty. Tamryn having a crush on her brother’s best friend makes this all the more relatable. I don’t know a girl who didn’t have a crush on someone’s older brother, including me. Jameson describes TB’s crush on Jake as completely overwhelming to the senses. She is waiting to explode with passion and I couldn’t wait to get to the good parts, though the entire read was enjoyable. Throughout the story Tamaryn makes a point to let the men in her life see her as a woman and not a little girl who needs to be taken care of. It is a frustrating position to be in but she stays true to herself all the way through. She is a very strong willed character and though all this chaos is happening around her and her feelings are all over the place she knows the one thing she does want. Jake.

Jake is written as a deeply caring person, thoughtful and rugged. The two most sexy qualities I can think of. She describes him so perfectly down to the scent of cologne he wears, I found myself falling for him as I kept reading. As the story goes on he becomes conflicted and you get to hear what goes on with the narration of his thoughts and feelings.  Though I have to admit that he does become a bit infuriating at time because he is just well, so dense. There is a lot of will they won’t they happening in this book.

The narration and the heat in the quarreling really makes you feel the passion between the characters, not just Jake and Tamaryn but many of the others in Whiskey Burned as well. You can tell in the way that they all interact with one another they have all been living in this town for a long time. Which helps to put you mentally there with them.

The story does a great job at building up and cooling off, slightly teasing you all the way through. I did have to step away at times because well, the romantic scenes are so well done I wanted some alone time to finish reading it by myself where I could openly read it with a creepy grin on my face.

If you like movies like Runaway Bride, The Notebook, or Hope Floats and you also enjoy erotica, I definitely recommend this book.

4 out of 5


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