VIZ Releases Anime-Based Digital Collectibles (And Why This is Good)

I’m an Oldtaku. That means I’m an Otaku (anime fan) who is aging (33 and going strong).

When I was sent the below Press release by Viz Media, I wasn’t quite sure how to react. After all, you’re talking to an old-school anime fan and an avid collector. What do you mean buttons/stickers/figurines/trading cards can be digitally collected/purchased/traded? My brain couldn’t wrap around it for a minute.

Back in the late 90s, my friends and I had thick, crazy binders filled with anime cards and stickers. Sometimes we would trade them, but mostly, we admired each others’ collections and held our own closely. We were so starved for merchandise that we would take these bootleg playing cards and stuff them into card protectors. We went to China town and bought dozens of posters, stickers, and any anime inspired tangibles that we could find.



But you know what? That stuff is all still here. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Digital collecting doesn’t take away from physical. It simply adds a new layer. And that’s very important to acknowledge. Adding new media is good. Creating a new way to do an old thing is good. Sure, it’s different, but it has its own excitement to it. Remember too that not everyone has access to physical media. People deserve to still have their favorite collectibles in their life even if they don’t have money for $500 Voltrons.

(Though how I wish we all did)

And someday, in 25 years, kids who collected stickers and cards on their phones will be writing articles about how it was done back then and what weird things kids are doing then…in the future…and stuff.

So, if you’re into digital collecting: this new app from Quidd might be right up your ally.

Press Release:

VIZ Media Teams w/ Cryptozoic & Quidd To Create Anime-Based Digital Collectibles

Digital Trading Cards, Stickers, and Figures Based on Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Death Note, and Other Titles Will Come to the Quidd App in Upcoming Months

 Lake Forest, CA – August 14, 2018 – Cryptozoic Entertainment, VIZ Media, and Quidd, Inc. have announced an extensive partnership to create digital collectibles based on major anime properties. Naruto Shippuden is the first title from VIZ Media’s catalog that Cryptozoic has brought to Quidd, the leading platform for digital goods, which is available on iOS and Android (LINK). Fans will soon also be able to buy and sell digital stickers, trading cards, and figures based on BleachDeath Note, and other classic series.


©2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO / 2007 SHIPPUDEN  All Rights Reserved.


“The growth of licensed digital merchandise has been tremendous over the past year and Cryptozoic and Quidd are leaders in the space,” says Brad Woods, Chief Marketing Officer of VIZ Media. “Our partnership will give anime fans a new way to share their love of popular properties like Naruto through the Quidd app’s fun and innovative offering of virtual products.” 


“VIZ Media is home to some of the most iconic anime properties in the world, so we’re excited to partner with them and Quidd to create amazing digital collectibles,” said John Sepenuk, CEO of Cryptozoic. “The Cryptozoic team is passionate about anime and Naruto ShippudenBleach, and Death Note are among our favorites. We are capturing what makes them so special to fans everywhere, and applying our passion and insight to the digital trading cards, stickers, and figures we’re creating for the Quidd app.”


“We’re thrilled to be establishing a new home for anime fans on Quidd. Fans of Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and Death Note are some of the most loyal and dedicated fans in the world,” said Michael Bramlage, CEO of Quidd. “Cryptozoic has done a phenomenal job of building compelling and captivating content for anime fans around the globe. We cannot wait for our current and new customers to explore, buy, and engage with VIZ Media’s properties on Quidd.”


Founded in 2015, Quidd’s innovative platform for collecting, rare digital goods blends the notions of emotional and functional ownership while leveraging scarcity in the digital retail experience. With over 1.9 billion individually serialized items sold since launch in 2016, Quidd’s digital goods ledger is the largest on the planet.


About Cryptozoic Entertainment

Since 2010, Cryptozoic Entertainment has been dedicated to the concept of “Fans First,” striving to develop the most creative and sought-after products for pop culture enthusiasts worldwide. As an entertainment company with a diverse portfolio of licensed and original IPs, its catalog covers a broad spectrum of tabletop games and collectibles. The passionate team at Cryptozoic aims to inspire gamers and collectors all around the globe, while bringing fans together as part of the Cryptozoic community. Visit for more information about product releases, events, and news.


About VIZ MediaLLC

Established in 1986, VIZ Media is the premier company in the fields of publishinganimation distributionand global entertainment licensingAlong with its popular digitalmagazine WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP and blockbuster properties like NARUTODRAGON BALLSAILOR MOONand POKÉMONVIZ Media offers an extensive library oftitles and original content in a wide variety of book and video formatsas well as through official licensed merchandiseOwned by three of Japans largest publishing andentertainment companiesShueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and ShogakukanShueisha ProductionsCo., Ltd., VIZ Media is dedicated to bringing the best titles for Englishspeaking audiences worldwideLearn more about VIZ Media and its properties at


About Quidd

Quidd is the leading platform for buying, trading and using premium, rare digital goods. Available for free on iOS and Android devices, the Quidd app enables fans to buy, own and use digital stuff, like stickers, GIFs, cards and toys, to express their fandoms, construct their identities, and have more fun with their favorite things. The best names in entertainment, including Hasbro, Marvel, Game of ThronesRick and Morty, Sanrio, Michael Jackson, and more, are using the Quidd platform to reach new audiences and build new businesses. Quidd is backed by Sequoia Capital with headquarters in NYC. For more information, check out


Cryptozoic Media Contact:


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  1. Personally, the existence of a digital medium is amazing for me, because my country hardly stacks the obscure manga I want. One volume of Oyasumi Punpun costs $40 here at the cheapest!

    With how many mangaka have such a hard time dedicating time to their craft, a digital release will ease their financial troubles so they can gibe us even more of the stuff we love.

    Liked by 1 person

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