PopLurker Convention Gallery: Power Morphicon 2018

PopLurker has been gearing up for the Power Morphicon Convention for months now! We’ve celebrated its impending arrival for quite a while and were stoked that it was finally go time.

Power Morphicon was such a cool experience. It was so nice seeing all of the Power Rangers fans cosplaying and meeting their heroes with such enthusiasm. The Anaheim Convention center was an excellent location for the show. It took place in the brand-new ACC North Hall, which boasted plenty of space for the vendors, guests, panels, and evening prom hosted by That Hashtag Show.

In spite of a rocky start on Friday trying to get all the pre-registered attendees through the door with their badges, the show went off without a hitch and everyone had a really good time. Jason David Frank’s line stole the show. He signed an autograph for every person waiting and gave interviews to everyone who requested one.

One of the most exciting parts of the show was hearing the news of Power Morphicon Expressthe brand-new traveling PMC show led by Jason David Frank. The first stop will be in Pasadena, Texas sometime in 2019. PopLurker can’t wait to report on more and will most certainly be in attendance at that Texas show! ROAD TRIP!

The vendor hall was exciting. Usually at conventions, I spend my time trying to hunt down Megazords and other neat robot toys. But at Power Morphicon, they were all THERE, just ready to go. It was a battle of me versus my wallet, and my wallet definitely lost. Because you know what? I have NEEDS.

Below is our PopLurker Image Gallery with our Power Morphicon 2018 convention highlights. Cheers to the show and all of us involved. I can’t wait to hit the next one.



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