PopLurker Convention Coverage: Power-Con 2018

PopLurker would like to thank Power-Con for generously providing Press Passes in exchange for convention coverage.


Power-Con: The He-Man and She-Ra toy show in Torrance, California that seems to be in its second year. The two-day expo was held at the Torrance Marriott, which was an excellent location for its current size. Parking was an absolute breeze (if not boarding on a pleasure, to be a boring adult about it) and the hotel staff managing the validation process were polite, kind and professional.

I’m really, really good at getting lost once I get to a place and that never happened at Power-Con. From the signage about parking, to where in the hotel the event was taking place, I was able to quickly and easily navigate. The line process was smooth and efficient with people getting their badges without any trouble. Biased as it seems, I always enjoy a separate vendor/press/industry line, so I slipped through that one without a hitch. My badge even had my name on it! I started Power-Con out feeling super cool and special.

The show was busy, which was awesome. I loved the enthusiastic crowd; everyone were legitimate He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fans! There was such a fantastic array of items. From the new Mattel toys, to legitimate vintage toys, Super7’s amazing new licensed toys, and even some He-Man toys from Mexico and Argentina, there was something unique and special for everyone.

Speaking of Mattel and Super7, their set ups stole the show. The Masters of the Universe style Barbie dolls were amazing to look at. And Super7 with their Castle Greyskull and Dungeon rug stole my heart.

One of the things I liked most about Power-Con was the fact that it had convention exclusives. Those are always super amazing, and for a show this size it demonstrated a lot of love and care (and effort!)

Power-Con 2018’s Exclusives:• Club Grayskull Chopper: $50.00 each
click here for image & click here for bio and cardback art
• Club Grayskull Dree Elle & Uncle Montork: $50.00 each
click here for image & click here for bio and cardback art
• Club Grayskull Spikor: $50.00 each
click here for image & click here for bio and cardback art
• MOTU M.U.S.C.L.E. Wave 3 Slime Can: $25.00 each
click here for image
• Souvenir T-shirts: $20.00 each
click here for image

Like other conventions with Exclusives, Power-Con runs on a Attending Membership or Non-Attending Membership model. It’s easy to understand once you start seeing other shows that utilize the same set up.

Power-Con really felt like a convention. They made efforts to really round out the show. It easily could have felt like a He-Man toy swap meet, but it didn’t. It embraced the convention vibe and hit all the right nails on the head. And if the cosplayers are there, you know it’s going to be a good time.



@Alkai_layke Cosplay and @ZabracusCosplay



I even found my grail items! All I wanted was an Evil-Lyn figurine and I found one for an excellent price, sold to me by the wonderfully artistic and charming Santiago Salvador.


Evil-Lyn Figure and a blindfolded Prince Adam cel from unnamed vendor

The only part of the show that I felt could use some nurturing is the mid-day schedule or entertainment. By 2pm or so, people were starting to leave. Like they had come to make their purchases and were ready to take off. And the show did have programming- there were events and panels happening throughout the day. Perhaps Power-Con was just a little quiet about it.

Regardless, it was an excellent show. I sincerely hope PopLurker is invited back next year to cover again. Watching this special show get nurtured into something big and amazing is going to be a really special experience.

By the honor of Grayskull, I love Power-Con!

Below is PopLurker’s Convention Gallery:


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