Cali Crisis Make Their Debut With A Tribute to ‘Perfect Blue’

PopLurker is no stranger to Los Angeles indie band PLASMIC, led by Lauren Lusardi. Now PLASMIC is back, and she’s brought American JPOP star Stephanie Yanez along for the ride. Together, they form the new band Cali Crisis, and their first released single ‘Angel of Love’ is a tribute to the anime ‘Perfect Blue’, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The original song from the anime ‘Perfect Blue’ can be heard below:

In her own words, PLASMIC describes their musical venture together:

I’ve just started a synthpop duo with my friend Stephanie Yanez. Together, we’re called Cali Crisis. She’s a magical android girl and I’m a nerd girl who computer programmed her. It’s like revenge of the nerds goes anime!

Our first track just went live on Youtube and Soundcloud. We covered a song from Perfect Blue for their 20th anniversary called ‘Angel of Love’! 
Their upcoming live shows are OC japan fair October 20th and PMX October 27th-28th
PopLurker loves these two girls and the amazing music they produce! Cheers to Plasmic and Stephanie Yanez!
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