5 Video Game Bands That Will Rock You into Battle Mode

There’s one nerdy topic that not enough of us touch on, and that’s music. Whether it’s geeking out for music in and of itself or the music that backdrops our favorite shows and video games, music is powerful and amazing with endless paths of fandom.

But what happens when incredible bands form that specialize in music from our favorite hobbies?! We’re glad you asked! Because today, we’re talking about the best bands specializing in VIDEO GAME COVER MUSIC! Let’s Go!

I hope you read that in Mario’s Voice.


1) PowerGlove 

If you want your face rocked, there’s no better band to start with than PowerGlove. This speed-metal band from Boston, MA just finished up a US/Canada tour and man, they put on an incredible show. (Which we reviewed!) Full entertainment the whole way, amazing showmanship, and high-energy recognizable video game and cartoon songs are the star of the show. PowerGlove is most active on Instagram.


2) TheOneUps

If PowerGlove is what you play to rock your face, TheOneUps are what you play when you need some quality chill time. This wonderfully slow-paced, jazzy band with their saxophones and trumpets is video game music I would play at my wedding. Their sound is classic, but clean, and you can’t help but smile hearing video game music played like this.


3) Minibosses

Forming in 2000 and originally from Massachussets, this awesome progressive rock band took their sound to Phoenix, Arizona. Actively playing in Retro/Arcade bars, these guys are hot in the nerd scene in AZ! You can find the Minibosses on Twitter.


4) NESkimos

The NESkimos are an American video game music cover band from St. Augustine, Florida. They are known for their songs based on video game music, as well as covers of songs from popular television shows and movies. Their sound? Good old fashioned rock and roll, probably bordering on progressive rock with metal influences. You can follow NESkimo on Twitter.

5) The Advantage

The Advantage is an American rock band from Sacramento, California that formed in 1998 and specialises in doing covers of music from old NES games, also known as Nintendocore. The band is named after the NES joystick controller of the same name. Their sound also borders on good old fashioned rock, and their covers of their songs are super clean and perfectly executed. You can find all of their music on their Band Camp page.


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  1. […] That’s what you get when you turn on Powerglove’s amazing music. I was lucky enough to get to attend their concert at the Whisky A Go-Go this year, which was nothing short of incredible. You can read all about it in my concert review, which man. What a show! Additionally, Powerglove made an appearance in one of my countdowns about Video Game inspired bands and music. […]

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