PopLurker Convention Coverage: San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention

PopLurker would like to thank the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention for providing us with press access in exchange for a review. 


I knew going into the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention that it was a tiny, tiny show.  That said, it’s a tiny show that draws a loyal crowd.

Located in a shopping center with plenty of (free) parking and a Trader Joes, this comic book swap meet is held three times per year. Inside, there are vendors and artists; it’s very straight forward.


Many of the artists and vendors I spoke with, I recognized from their local shops and other conventions and expos in the Los Angeles Area. Others were small time craft people and only participated in the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention. Anyone who follows my convention coverage knows this about me– I love shopping. While many other convention reviewers have a tendency to zero in on a singular fandom (such as only covering Star Wars or Power Rangers related news at a show), I love me some shopping. If there are toys and/or artwork at an expo, my money will disappear.

That said, I did spend some money! I purchased some toys from a misc. box of strange oddities (the best kind, really). I also bought a drawing from an adorable budding artist (my apologies to her father Darin Henry, a comic book writer from SitComics who was trying to make a sale and I handed his daughter cash instead!)

Being that the show really is more of a swap meet or small expo than a “convention”, there weren’t activities there short of walking around, talking to vendors, and a little bit of shopping. There were some special guest artists set up in the back. If you’re very into the local comic book or pop art scene, that’s always a nice treat at small shows. Additionally, there was a raffle where the show runners were handing out some comic books and DVD sets. All in all, everyone seemed to be having a good time.

After attending huge shows on the regular, sometimes it’s nice to take a two hour spin through a comfortable and spacious venue and get reminded where the roots in all of this pop culture collecting stuff came from. Artists and vendors gathering together to sell their wares, like the bazaars of  yesteryear. It’s taking it slow and having a stroll on a quiet Sunday morning, hoping you’ll find that Garage sale treasure. In this regard, The San Fernando Comic Book Convention is very successful.

Will the show runners choose to expand this show? Is there a desire to make it grow? Hard to say- but for what it is, it’s a fun and quiet experience.

Below is PopLurker’s Gallery of the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention:


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