Cutthroat Cuties is Making Sailor Moon Inspired Pins that all Fans Need To See

Sailor Moon and craft fans, rejoice! 

When a new project called Cutthroat Cuties was brought to my attention, I knew I needed to share their Kickstarter. They are making gorgeous Sailor Moon inspired pins that have an aesthetic and edge all their own. You can see and support the entire Kickstarter campaign, and have a preview peek of their products down below.

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram @Geekthirst

In contrast to most other enamel pin campaigns on Kickstarter, they decided to go ahead with the protoyping of physical samples before releasing our campaign. The reason why they decided to this instead of the usual method was that we wanted to make sure these came out as awesome as they designed it. They only want to release the best product out there in a timely manner.

All of the pins are roughly 1.5in -2 in tall.

UNLOCKED: "Moonlight Warrior"
UNLOCKED: “Moonlight Warrior”
UNLOCKED: "Smart is Sexy"
UNLOCKED: “Smart is Sexy”
UNLOCKED: "Fabulously Fierce"
UNLOCKED: “Fabulously Fierce”
UNLOCKED: "Strong and Sensitive"
UNLOCKED: “Strong and Sensitive”
UNLOCKED: "Heart Breaker"
UNLOCKED: “Heart Breaker”
UNLOCKED: "Good Girl Gone Bad"
UNLOCKED: “Good Girl Gone Bad”
UNLOCKED: "Lone Warrior"
UNLOCKED: “Lone Warrior”
UNLOCKED: "Steal Yo Girl"
UNLOCKED: “Steal Yo Girl”
UNLOCKED: "Rebel In Love"
UNLOCKED: “Rebel In Love”
UNLOCKED: "Small But Deadly"
UNLOCKED: “Small But Deadly”
Pin Backing Card
Pin Backing Card


The sticker pack with all of the original 10 pin designs will be available for purchase. The stickers are approximately 3.5 inches tall.To add a pack to your order, just add $5 to your pledge.

::dreamy sigh:: Gorgeous….


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