PopLurker Convention Coverage: LA Comic Con 2018

PopLurker would like to thank LA Comic Con for providing a Press Pass in exchange for coverage. 


Los Angeles Comic Con took place from October 26th-28th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The show itself has a fun history with its naming conventions (pun always intended). Fans of the show knew it as Comikaze for quite a long time before it evolved into Stan Lee’s Comic Con. I want to say, without doing research, that the Stan Lee title was only attached for two years before the show settled into its current name, Los Angeles Comic Con, or LACC for short.

Take that, Los Angeles Community College. You got face pwned.

…well, I just sufficiently aged myself, so let’s move on with the convention review before I embarrass myself some more, shall we?…


I’m not kidding when I say that LACC is a family reunion. Being present in the Southern California convention scene, you begin to recognize names and faces. It’s a really cool ecosystem, because everyone has their role and their place at the show. Vendors and artists take over the Expo Hall and it’s always really nice when you run into someone whose art you’re a fan of, previously bought prints from and get to see their new work, or a toy seller whose latest inventory you get to dig through. Anyone who knows me and my style of Convention coverage knows that the first place I’m going to head is right into that Expo Hall for some cash spending. And truly– that Expo Hall was the jam. loved the organization. There were signs for cosplay corners, autographs with guests, publishers, toy sellers, anime merchandise, the main stage, the GLOW Women of Wrestling area, and the clearly marked (and sizable) Artist’s Alley.

On the other side of the convention experience, you have the Cosplay Circle showing up. Cosplayers of all skill sets come to show off their latest creations, and LACC is definitely one of those shows that loves and showcases its Cosplayers. In fact, the Cosplay Contest was hosted by the charming and well-known Bernie Bregman (The Geek Gatsby), who also moderated the excellent Over 30 Cosplay panel (which is also a hugely popular Facebook group with over 60,000 members, myself included). The Cosplay Contest winner was actually Angi Viper in a gorgeous light-up Elsa costume. Angi is also well known in the community and a featured guest at Comic Con Revolution, another convention in the Southern California area that I’m a big fan of. So yes– the community is tight-knit.

LACC is a medium-large show that very comfortably fit into the LA Convention Center. Many people have words to say about San Diego Comic Con for being so massively huge in size, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; that convention fits inside that convention center. It just works. Let’s look at Anime Expo for a moment, a show that does not fit inside the LA Convention Center anymore. The number of people attending that show, if you ask me, truly boarders on dangerous inside of the convention center. LACC was just right. The crowd moved seamlessly through the center, nothing ever felt too packed, and the showrunners had the courtesy to actually set up tables and chairs for patrons to hang out and take a rest. It’s a very important thing, and always appreciated at shows where some people might be pushing themselves to physical limits.

One area I have to mildly criticize is the programming at LACC. Some of the panels seemed a little…Plug and Play. If that doesn’t make sense to you (which doesn’t surprise me because you’re not in my head), it means that it seems like LACC accepted panels from most people that applied for them. You had the same groups presenting multiple panels and the same panelists in several panels, seemingly on loop. While there was an industry panel for the up and coming independent Science Fiction film Prospect (movie review coming soon to PopLurker!) there were more fan panels than I would have liked. This is completely my personal opinion, but if you have celebrity guests at a show, it would be nice to see some of them in panels.

Of course, celebrities and big names aren’t everything. That’s silly– but I feel that balance is important because you know what? If you have a bigger name in one of your panels, that person might attract people to the convention who might not have considered coming otherwise. Also, in order to help LACC grow, I think it could learn from San Diego Comic Con’s model and have industry panels and exclusives that draw the crowd to the show.

Although, I did see a whole crowd of people stampeding through the Expo Hall doors at 9:30am just to get their paws on some Funko Pops from the Hot Topic booth. So, you know– we really are a divided nation.

Overall, LA Comic Con was an absolute blast! I thought it was a fun and successful show that everyone, families/individuals/people young and old all had a great time going to. PopLurker looks forward to the next show!


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