PopLurker Artist Spotlight: Michael DiPascale

Screenshot 2018-11-01 10.29.26.pngMichael DiPascale is a professional freelance artist whose incredible drawings have appeared in more pieces of media than you realize. A working artist currently open for commissions, his work is stunning, glorious, with a delicious edge. We’re so stoked to have Michael as today’s featured artist here on PopLurker! You can find him and his amazing artwork all over Instagram and Facebook!



Would you please introduce yourself for PopLurker readers? What is your name, where do you live, and what sort of art do you produce?

My name is Michael DiPascale and I live in Michigan! I do a wide range of subject matter in my works from comic and fantasy art to portraits of family members and their pets along with entertainers and sports figures. I work digitally and traditionally.


What are some of your favorite things? Like, anything, really. Tell us about yourself!

Besides drawing and painting, I love to cook! Sports are a big part of my life, I love watching football and baseball along with hockey. I am an admitted TV and movie junkie! I have two Beagles who are my constant companions and follow me all over my house. I’ve been married to my wife/best friend for 31 years and we have one son and one grandson!


When did you know that a lifetime of art was in your inevitable future? Is this a hobby or a career? How do you make time for the things that you love?

Art for me is a career now, but it wasn’t always. I had been drawing since I was a kid but never gave it much thought as something I wanted to do for a living. I dabbled and doodled and took commissions drawing portraits and sports figures but never really got serious about it until I discovered painting digitally! That’s when it got serious for me and I actively pursued art as a career choice.

I would work my day job and then come home and practice new techniques digitally until I was to a point where I was comfortable posting my work online. I was approached about doing a cover and never looked back. I managed a retail store during the day and then would draw covers until one in the morning every night. When I felt I could get enough work drawing and painting in the comic world I left the day job behind. I was also lucky enough to get a ton of support from my wife!

 War Goddess 9 Wrap rs.jpg

When did you decide to make the leap into Pop Culture art? What was the show or movie that really inspired that for you?

Star Trek (the original series) and the Planet of the Apes movie were huge influences on me growing up. After that, the Conan the Barbarian books introduced me to Frazetta and Boris, and then the movie with Arnold hammered it all home!

I also was very into the after school TV shows, Batman, Lost in Space, the Spider-Man cartoon along with the old daily Marvel cartoons! Every Monday was Cap, Tue was the Hulk, Wed was Ironman, Thur was Thor (my favorite), and Friday was Namor the Sub-Mariner. I loved all that stuff and it helped shape the direction of my work early on and still to this day.


You’re a professional freelance artist. What comic books have you illustrated? 

I have done cover work on the comic version of the BloodRayne video game published by DigitalWebbing, That’s where I got my start. I did covers for quite a few Boom!Studios titles, Zombie Tales and Tales of Cthulhu, their TV show properties from the SYFY channel “Eureka” and “FarScape” and then the spinoff FarScape D’argo’s Lament.

Avatar Press signed me to an exclusive contract and I did covers for Anna Mercury, Crossed, Uber, War Goddess, Night of the Living Dead, and Lady Death along with doing interior and cover work on Hero Worship. The work I’m most proud of while I was there is RoverRedCharlie that was written by Garth Ennis. I did all the covers and drew and painted all the interiors. I painted covers over Jacen Burrows pencils for Alan Moore’s Providence series and did covers and some interior pages for Justin Jordans Dark Gods along with doing the same for the God is Dead series.

After Avatar, I signed on with Brian Pulido and his CoffinComics label to do eighteen Lady Death covers. Currently, I’m doing work for hire with Mount Olympus comics and ZeneScope.


What would you say are your biggest fandoms? The ones you enjoy most or consider yourself part of?

I’m a total whore for Star Trek the original series. I’ve seen every episode and movie more times than I can count and my wife gets tired of me reciting their lines before the characters do! I even have Capt Kirk pajamas. Shh, don’t tell anybody.


What are some fandoms or hobbies that your own fans wouldn’t expect? Something that never makes an appearance in your art?

Big Snoopy and Peanuts fan. Charlie Brown unfortunately won’t be showing up in any of my art.


Where do you currently sell your pieces? Are you in the convention scene? How far do you travel to build your platform?

Most all of my work is sold thru personal interactions on social media (Facebook, messenger, Instagram) I’m very approachable and love to talk to people.
As I’ve gotten older, I do conventions very rarely and normally only do the close ones. When I was younger we would do 5-6 cons a season, now I’m lucky if i do one show every three years. Although, if I was invited as a guest somewhere, I would definitely go.


Is there anything new in the pipeline for you? Do you have any upcoming projects or secrets you want to share with us here at PopLurker?

In November my first ZeneScope cover hits the stands, Revenge of Wonderland (issue 5 cover C) and I’m currently working on a cover for their upcoming Van Helsing book, also issue 5 cover C.


 Do you have any social media or an online store? How can our readers find you and your awesome work? Plug yourself, your projects, and give me all your links!

I’m usually open for commissions and am willing to work with people on content and compensation.
My social media pages are:

Facebook (personal) and Facebook (art). I’m also on Instagram and Twitter.
Come by and say hi and remember to leave a comment and ALWAYS SHARE!!


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