PopLurker Convention Coverage: Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2018

By Scott Zillner

The Southern California Gundam Model Competition is hosted by ThoseGundamGuys

Build them and they will come to the SCGMC!

The Southern California Gundam Model Competition is an annual Model Kit show that takes place in Fullerton, California. While the show is mostly for Gundam kits or gunplay, it does in fact have open spots for any model kits of other types. This yearly event is open to the public so that gunplay builders really get the chance to show off their stuff.

And by stuff, we mean Gundam Kits built to the highest and lowest levels.

At the show, they have categories for every type, size, and level you can imagine. And boy, do people go all out for this event! In my opinion, building Gunpla is therapeutic. It is relaxing to not only build something with your hands, but you can really zone out and take it to another level when you clip the edges, and smooth parts here and there with some sandpaper or a file.

And hey, once you finally finish, you get to feel proud of what you made. You get to look at that stunning piece of robot art and you feel good about it. At the same point after that, the perfectionist kicks in and you think to yourself, ‘Hey I could have done better at the edges?’ or ‘Huh…I could have painted that part instead of leaving it as-is’.

This is the downward spiral that is hobbies.

But seeing all of these amazing Gundam sets makes you want to improve your skill! And at this event, you get to show off those skills and compete against other builders from all over the LA area. People from other parts of California even a couple of out-of-staters came out for the show this Saturday, also.

With the multiple categories on display, you are encouraged to participate in as many as you want. This is where it starts to get really fun. You are amazed by how many new and different things people can make with the same kits, or kits you never even thought of. It’s without a doubt the best and most non-toxic part of this fandom. Everyone is there to have fun showing off their kits, and help other people with tips and tricks. It was really nice and humbling overhearing veteran builders sharing details and stories they have with the new and younger builders.

That’s the fun of doing your build and sharing with others. Showing off what you did all year and seeing what everyone else did. The comradery of the fans and builders is delightful, and very enjoyable to be around. Even if you don’t build, this is a show to check out. Seriously, it’s like a museum.

On top of the incredible amount of gunplay kits on display there are several vendors on hand selling new and vintage kits. There are vendors selling hobby supplies and decals for imported Japanese garage kits. The highlight of the event is the judging of the kits, without a doubt. Sure, this takes a while, but well worth it and it is an incredible prize raffle. By the end of this show, you can’t wait to go home and start to work on that next kit inspired by what you saw.

You might get some new ideas to add to that next kit that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

PopLurker’s Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2018 Image Gallery

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