PopLurker Artist Spotlight: Pop Culture Artist Chris Rawding

On today’s PopLurker Artist Spotlight, we’re showcasing the art of pop culture inspired artist Chris Rawding!



Would you please introduce yourself for PopLurker readers? What is your name, where do you live, and what sort of art do you produce?

My name is Chris Rawding. I’m currently living on the south shore of Massachusetts with my two sons Lucas and Joshua. It’s where I was born and raised. My art has been described as graphic pop with a comic style.


What are some of your favorite things? Like, anything, really. Tell us about yourself!

I’m a lover of nature/the outdoors and everything creative. I’m a huge lover of movies and the creative process of making them. So much of my inspiration for my work comes from my love of movies and pop culture.


unnamed (1).jpg

When did you know that a lifetime of art was in your inevitable future? Is this a hobby or a career? How do you make time for the things that you love?

I attended both the museum school of fine arts Boston & the art institute of Boston in the early 90’s for commercial illustration. For the past 28 years I have been a graphic designer in the screen printing industry but my my passion has always been my illustrations with hopes to do them full time. I knew as a child that I had a passion for the arts & creating.


When did you decide to make the leap into Pop Culture art? What was the show or movie that really inspired that for you?

I was inspired as a child by the game Dungeon & Dragons. Creating my own characters for the game was the beginning for me. Of course being a child of the 70’s the one movie that changed everything for me & still gives me inspiration today was Star Wars.


unnamed (3).jpg

What would you say are your biggest fandoms? The ones you enjoy most or consider yourself part of?

Some of the artists that inspire & motivate me are the great Frank Frazzeta, John Byrne, John Buchema sr Mike Mignola & Adam Hughes just to name a few.


Where do you currently sell your pieces? Are you in the convention scene? How far do you travel to build your platform?

I was part of the convention scene for a few years but took the last year off to work on new pieces & my style.Selling my work & meeting aspiring artists was beyond rewarding & humbling to me. I have plans on attending shows in the 2019 season. My ultimate goal is to create my illustrations full time for publishers of books, magazines etc.


unnamed (4)

Do you have any social media or an online store? How can our readers find you and your awesome work? Plug yourself, your projects, and give me all your links!

You can find some of my work for sale on Redbubble. I have a Facebook store. One can also find more of a selection of work on my Instagram and my temporary web site, though a new one is coming.



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