Dreamworld Comics is Having a Party on November 24th in Simi Valley, CA

When a new hobby/comic book/collectibles shop opens in town, that’s something always worth celebrating!


Dreamworld Comics & Collectibles owner Jay Collins (someone I actually met recently at a toy expo) told me back then that he was in the process of opening up a new store in Simi Valley. The location is pretty solid– it’s right next to a used video game store called The Game Exchange in Simi Valley Town Center. While the outdoor mall used to be a thriving locale, its become pretty sparse over the last few years.

Which makes it almost perfect that Dreamworld and The Game Exchange infiltrated the area and will help make it a Nerdtopia Nirvana surrounded by an overblown atrium.

But not only is the shop itself fantastic, as you’ll see in my gallery below, but Jay is creating a really awesome grand opening event! On Saturday November 24th, 2018 at 12:00pm, he will be opening his doors for a fun-filled day of food, music, artist signings, goodie bags, Funk Pop auctions, and much more!

And as a girl who has literally grown up in comic book and toy shops, I know there aren’t many better backdrops for a great party!

So spread the word, fellow Lurkers! Come hang out at Dreamworld Comics & Collectibles on Saturday, November 24th, 2018 at Noon! I know I’ll be there lurking the fun. And you know…spending my money…and eating snacks. And…stuff.

See you there!

Dreamworld Comics and Collectibles

1555 Simi Valley Town Center Way #165

Simi Valley, CA 93065

T: 805-581-0409

E: HawkEye565656@gmail.com


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