PopLurker Book Review: Magic the Gathering: Concepts and Legends

PopLurker would like to thank Viz Media for providing a review copy of Magic the Gathering: Concepts and Legends by James Wyatt.


Ladies and gentlemen, Magic the Gathering is 25 years old.

I already wrote about my (limited) history with this amazing and in depth game. Ultimately, while I may be a jerkoff with no attention span, there’s no denying that the cards in this game are beautiful. Which is why it’s honestly so exciting that Viz Media released this stunning 192 page hardcover coffee book. VIZ Media dives deep into the archives of Magic: The Gathering® with an inside look at the creation of the characters, planes, creatures and lore of the world’s most popular trading card game.


This book is a full archive with detailed write ups on every possible aspect of the Magic universe. There are character designs, dragons, angels, settings, and more. THERE IS A WORLD CALLED LORWYN, GUYS.


Why didn’t anyone ever tell me there was a Lorwyn?! I could have been calling myself that and felt like a Lorwynner for like, the last ten years. All this time I’ve been wasting it with Ky-Lo-Ryn and I could have been Lorwyn instead.

I feel like I’ve lost so much valuable time.

Off the bat before even cracking open this stunning work of art, I’ll repeat it; this book is so incredibly beautiful. It also comes with four double-sided prints which are absolutely worth framing. Honestly, it’s exactly what I’m going to do. My favorite is the angel warrior lady, because she looks exactly how I see myself in my head and representation is awesome.


Plus with a price tag of $39.99, getting your money’s worth doesn’t begin to cover it. Viz easily could have sold this immense book for $60-$75 and the price tag would have been justified.

The organization of Concepts and Legends is just amazing. The layout team should be proud of themselves. That and James Wyatt’s writing is so deep and layered and educated, that it really shows the level of love and fandom reached within the creative process of writing this book.


I give Magic the Gathering: Concepts and Legends 5/5 stars.


Loryn is a lover, a fighter, and a reviewer. Find her spouting words on Twitter.

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