Yes, I watch Supergirl- And Really (Mostly) Enjoy It

By John Zakour


You saw PopLurker’s ‘confessional manifesto’ about Riverdale. Well, it’s time for Supergirl to get the same treatment. Now, here’s the thing– I look forward to watching Supergirl every Sunday. I admit it, I’ve pretty much have had a crush on Supergirl since I reached puberty a long time ago. I mean come on, there was a lot of crush on there: smart, sweet yet spunky, powerful and beautiful. I even enjoyed the first Supergirl movie way back in 1984. Sure, it was flawed but entertaining.

Personally, I find the DC show less flawed and much more entertaining. Supergirl is not a perfect show, few are. I don’t see super ground breaking entertainment. For me, those shows are Breaking Bad, The Good Place or BoJack Horseman.

Because really, something doesn’t have to be ground breaking to be fun to watch.

First, I will start with my complaints.

Like I said, Supergirl is not perfect TV.



1) Stop trying to force Jimmy Olsen into being a super hero dude. He now for some reason runs one of the biggest media companies in the world. He can do a lot more good there than running around in armor.

2) Lena Luthor is supposed to be one of the smartest folks on Earth. Yet she can’t figure out Supergirl and her best buddy Kara are the same freaking person. I justify this by thinking, “Lena must know but she’s not letting on.”

3) Why is superman always off in space? There have been a few major Earth problems where he could have been really helpful. Instead he seems to be flying all over the place. BTW, I didn’t think this version of Supergirl and Superman could last long in space as they need to breathe now and then. So, this makes even less sense.

4) Why are all the government officers always such jerks? Come on some of them must be decent people. Right?

5) I miss Winn, but I understand Broadway called.

6) What’s taking so long with Red Sun Supergirl?! Let’s get it on already!



The Good Stuff

1) I love Melissa Benoist in the title role. When I first heard of the casting I thought: “Uh I don’t know. She seemed okay on Glee. But Glee and tampon commercials were the only places I saw her. Let me state now: she rocks the role. I can’t see anybody else playing Supergirl. If they bring Supergirl to the DC movie verse they should use Melissa (they won’t but they should). She has all the physical traits: the beauty and the pose and the charm both geeky and not so geeky. She seems to glow when in the costume. She emits goodness and warmth wrapped around power. She is Supergirl.

2) Kudos to the show for having Alex (Chyler Leigh) be a strong, powerful yet somewhat sensitive leader who is also a lesbian. Her sexuality is a part of her but doesn’t define her. The relationship between the two Danvers sisters is another of the show’s strong points. You can feel the warmth even when they fight.

3) The additions of Jesse Roth has Brainiac-5 and Nicole Maines as Nia Nal (Dream girl eventually) have been pleasant surprises. They both bring a sense of newness and wonder to the show. Roth is a fun comic relief. Maines character is I believe to be the first trans character to pop up in DC TV universe. Now that Kara is maturing more into the role Nia has become the new idealistic member of the team. Every team needs a dreamer.

4) David Harewood’s Martian manhunter is growing on me. At first, I didn’t like him because I thought he would turn out to be Cyborg Superman who is a jerk. (Which in a way he did.) But as MM, Harewood has been really fun to watch grow with the role. He’s actually a better leader now that he’s not the leader. I like how they are taking his character.

5) You gotta love a show that casts Lynda Carter and Katie McGrath in any role. Linda Carter is a nation wonder I mean treasure. McGrath is an Irish treasure. Just wonder if she will go full blown Luthor? I kind of hope not.


All in all, I find Supergirl to be a fun, upbeat, optimistic show. In today’s world we can use all the fun an optimism we can get!


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