PopLurker Convention Coverage: The San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention (11/18/18 Show)

PopLurker would like to thank the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention for providing us with press passes in exchange for convention coverage. 


I really love this charming little show.

As I mentioned in my coverage of the last San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention, this is a show that takes place every three months. It is held in Granada Hills, which is in the northern part of the San Fernando Valley (818 pride, yo). The show takes place in this nice little event hall in a huge shopping center with free parking and a Trader Joes nearby.

The show is run by Bob Ranken, who I swear I will corner and interview by the time I hit my third time in attendance.

What I enjoy most about this show is that it really can be a treasure trove. So far, the two times I’ve gone, I always see someone that I know, usually an artist or vendor. (In this case both!) I got to hang out and chat with my friend Patrick Owsley who is an incredible pop culture artist with a fascinating career. And I also ran into Jay Collins, who has an event tomorrow (November 24th, 2018) at noon at Dreamworld Comics, his brand new store location in Simi Valley.

Now, back to the treasures.

The San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention always done nice, small things like giveaways and raffles. But what’s really cool here is that this is the place to find sort of rare, special, or (for lack of better words) garage sale items. This is the show where you might be able to find that rare comic book you’re after. You know, the one that a billion other collectors are after as well, but don’t know that smaller shows like this one are still around.

There are also small boxes of toys on the cheap, collectors glasses (I totally bought all of the McDonalds glasses that you’re going to see down in the gallery), and DVD boxsets of neat old cartoons. (Totally almost bought the whole Beetlejuice cartoon series and changed my mind last second).

I think I said it before and I will say it again– this show is like a legitimate 80s comic book convention. It’s a meet up, a swap meet, and a really chill way to spend a few hours on a Sunday morning. I love talking to the artists and vendors, hearing their stories, and asking them about their own collections. Because remember, many of these life-long collectors and sellers began selling in order to fund their own collections.

So, it’s this really interesting rotating door of interests that always has a fascinating story. That in and of itself is a great reason to hang out at old shows. It’s not just about the bustle and excitement. It’s about talking to people and hearing stories. Why we collect, what we collect, and how we’re impacted by pop culture.

Lastly, the attendance– the room was full in my opinion. There was also Designer-Con and Bakersfield Comic Con that weekend. I can’t say how the entire day went during the show. But for the time I was there, people were hanging out. People were shopping. And there was a perfectly nice bustle in the room of people hanging out getting ready to chat and shop.

PopLurker had a great time at the show, per usual, and we can’t wait to hang out at the next San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention!


PopLurker’s San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention (11/18/18) Gallery:


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