The Mighty Go-Bots Make a Comic Book Return

By Scott Zillner


This book hit me for a loop and caught me totally unaware.


It was Thanksgiving week and there I was at my favorite comic book shop. I glance on the wall and damn—right there on the shelf was Go-Bots #1 by the famed Tom Scioli. Tom is best known for his fantastic run on G.I. Joe vs. Transformer, which was also released by IDW publishing. He has a very unique Jack “the King” Kirby art style. This is a love it or hate it type of art, and I love it.

Go-Bots hit the states originally as repacked Machine Robo toys from Japan. Holding nothing to the Machine Robos, Tonka repackaged these toys from Popy / Bandai as Go-Bots. The toys came out in 1983, and the cartoon showed up in 1984. They actually beat Transformers to the market by a year. In spite of that, they were always deemed the knock offs. Likely, it was for their simplistic, more basic aesthetic. But looking on them now, it’s really a more elegant design.

Back to the comic book.


The new story reboot is vastly different than the old cartoon, and really, thank god for that.  I love the new concept. The art is great; the whole thing is in the retro Kirby style, which I buy Scioli books for. The Go-Bots designs are based off the toys, not cartoon heads, and I like that a lot too. Scioli often makes a new world based on a whisper of the old, the same way we did with G.I.Joe vs Transformers.

This what we are getting again.


**Spoilers ahead, be warned**

The new future Go-Bots are super robots paired with humans for all kinds of tasks. They are the ultimate iPhone, basically. They help out, drive you to the mall, everything you would want from a robot pal. So far, a bunch of your favorite Go-Bots are here. Leader-1 is still a plane in the service of the US government. Turbo is a race car in the hottest Go-Bot racing sports. We even get to see Scooter briefly in the first issue. Cy-Kill is the leader of these renegade Go-Bots. Which is a really nice way to make that work, by the way. This renegade and his pals don’t have a functioning G-chip to prevent harm to humans.

See Asimov’s rules for friendly robots.

By the end, it’s the start of a Robot revolution. Oh no, how can the humans survive? Only time will tell!

I’m officially looking forward to issue two.


I give Go-Bots Issue One by Tom Scioli 4/5 robot fists.


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