6 Things That Occur to Us While Watching DC’s ‘Titans’

By John Zakour


I watched the latest episode of Teen Titans on the DC Universe the other day. And well…all these thoughts sort of ran through my head. Maybe you, my fellow viewers, can identify with my plight while running through this episode.

Or maybe I’m on this battlefield alone. Either way…it goes without saying there are some minor spoilers here.

Here goes:


Wait? Dick is leaving them again? This guy has been hanging around the world’s greatest detective for like a decade and he feels totally cool with this situation. Oh, come on even I (not the world’s greatest detective) know there is something fishy about Rachel’s mom and even if she is a sweet old mom, Rachel’s dad is still after her. Come on Dick, this is not a “mission accomplished” moment. Dick goes always so much he might as well be on Teen Titans Go.

I guess Dick is the character that drives me the battiest on this show. In a way I like the guy when he’s on his game he is a good detective and a very capable leader. But wow, from a guy who wanted to get away from Batman because of the Bat’s darker side, Dick sure does kill a lot of people. Which to me seems out of character for what I normally expect of Dick Grayson’s Robin and Batwing.

I may have been wrong here always considered Dick more balanced than Bruce. Jason Todd was the one who always got on my nerves. I did feel the show did a good job with Jason acting like a shallow Bro. Dick did scold Jason for beating up police. I guess that’s what bugs me about this Dick is sometimes he’s not such a dick and seems capable.



Donna Troy, yea. But for an amazon she seems kind of short. Reference to the Joker is cool. I like this Donna Troy a lot. She seems to have reached a point Dick is trying to get to. She has found her place in the world and that place isn’t next to Wonder Woman’s side. She is smart, resourceful, strong and sane. This show seems to me to do a better job with the side characters then they do with the main Titans.

In fact, thinking back my favorite episode by far so far has been the Doom Patrol one. I’m actually excited about their series. They had both heart and humor. They felt much more like a team than the Titans. Sure, the doc was a bit of an egotistic creep but the rest of his Patrol were characters you could tell cared about each other.

I also thought the show had a better grasp on Hawk and Dove than they did the core Titans. Hawk and Dove and Dick have a complicated relationship but the show made it work. Even Jason Todd was depicted more how I think Jason Todd should be.

Back to the main group. Okay they are taking a train. Why does this train look like something out of the 1930s?


Once again, I’m not thrilled with Dick for being cool with all this. They are just heading to the middle of nowhere with a woman who claims to be Rachel’s mom. That doesn’t seem to be much of a plan.


Starfire’s wig still bothers me. Yes, I am shallow. It just doesn’t look like real hair. Come on, budget people, if that’s really your title; you can do better. Anna Diop is a very pretty woman but to me the hair just doesn’t sit right. Also, I guess I miss the sweeter and innocent Star Fire from the comics (and Teen Titans Go! for that matter.)

I know Starfire is supposed to be a force to be reckoned with, but man, she tends to set people on fire a lot—DC, why you gotta take that fire thing so literal? Plus, I get the feeling she certainly doesn’t mind killing and she may enjoy it.  I get it they want this to be Dark Titans not Go Titans. Why doesn’t she doesn’t remember who she is? All the more reason why leaving her in charge wasn’t one of Dick’s better moves. She pretty much blows it twice on the train.


At least Gar felt bad about his tiger for ripping that guy up. I liked that he at least acknowledged his feeling on that. To me, he’s the heart and soul of the team. The one with the wonder in his eyes. The one who makes pancakes for all.  (Which is a very Gar thing to do.) Hopefully they won’t have him kill again. Hopefully they will let him change into another animal or two too. Come on producers we need Gorilla Gar!

As for Rachel– I’m glad she kind of maybe found her mom. But once again come on people this has to be a setup. I like that she at least feels torn by her very dark side. (Oh, that could have been a pun if only she had a different dad.) All in all, her character is growing on me. Only I don’t think the show does a good job of showing what she can do both the effects execution and use seems off to me. This part hasn’t clicked yet. But I do believe Rachel / Raven’s character is improving week to week.

Okay, now that was an interesting finish. I like that Donna can kind of, sort of read Starfire’s notes. I like that some of the words are ambiguous. I like the idea that Starfire may have come to Earth to stop / contain / whatever / have coffee with Raven. Yeah that’s different from the comics (and Go) but still a fun potential twist.

Man, that episodes went by fast. I think that’s a good sign. I’m anxious to see next week’s episode. Yes, that is a good sign.

Nice to see Donna will be back.



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