‘Treedles on the Tree’ Kickstarter Campaign for Stefan Karl Board Game Is Live

Get ready, board game and Stefan Karl fans. The Kickstarter for the new Christmas-centered board game, “Treedles on the Tree,” launches today, Tuesday, December 4.  Co-Creators are Mark Valenti and Erin Dean. Artwork by Sarah Lafser.

Treedles Gameplay Artwork.jpg

PopLurker readers know by now that I, in spite of being twenty years old when the show aired, was a huge Lazy Town fan. The breakout star of that show for me was Stefan Karl. When Stefan was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, I was crushed. When he died this past August, I was devastated. And when I first heard about the Kickstarter to make a game with a character based on his likeness, I was lifted.

And when Stefan’s best friend and campaign manager Mark reached out to me to ask for help get news of this Kickstarter out there, I was touched by his sincerity and kindness.

So now, we Stefan Karl fans need to come together and spread awareness. And look, at the end, we’ll have an adorable game to play! There’s really no losing by supporting this Kickstarter!

There’s even an official Facebook group if you want to follow the progress of the game.

Treedles on the Tree is a holiday-themed cooperative family board game where players have ten minutes to save Christmas.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa is on his way to Treedle Village with presents…

But the bright star on top of the Christmas tree is missing!

How will Santa find Treedle Village with no star to guide him?

The silly Wackadoo has hidden the 5 Star Points in the tree, and demands candy cane treats to give them back.

Can the Treedles light the star in time for Santa to leave presents?

Age 5+              10 Minutes         2-6 Players

Co-Creator Mark Valenti was Head Writer for the Nickelodeon TV show LazyTown, where he met and became friends with the show’s star villain, Stefan Karl. Mark and Stefan began a nearly 15-year journey of creative scheming and dreaming, letting their imaginations run wild as they invented potential TV, book, stage, musical and animated projects that might one day come to life.

Their brainstorming came to an abrupt halt when Stefan received his cancer diagnosis in 2016. However, their energies were only temporarily sidelined until the creation of a GoFundMe campaign came to life. Donations and affection poured in from around the world, leading to a memorable Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), which Stefan and his wife Steina participated in from his hospital bed. And then Stefan’s Facebook Live performance of the meme-mania song “We Are Number One” solidified his position as a global fan favorite, and an artist who had found his way into the hearts of new friends from around the world.


With Stefan’s passing, Mark wanted to do something in his honor. Thus, the Treedle character named Besti was born. Besti is everyone’s best friend. He’s funny, loyal and will go to the ends of the earth to help someone in need. He has no patience for bullies, always standing up for the underdog. And Besti is an endless font of creativity, always looking for a way to bring a smile to one and all.


At Christmastime, parents are always on the lookout for a way to bring the family together in a fun activity everyone can enjoy. Treedles on the Tree is designed to be entertaining for the youngest, and enjoyable for the older family members – grandparents included! It’s a fast, easy and quick (ten minutes) game that will bring a smile – and friendly cooperation – to every holiday event.

And who know? You might even help send one of his beautiful kids to college.

Or at the very least, Disneyland.

The direct link to view and fund the Kickstarter is here.

You can follow the official Treedles in the Trees group on Facebook.


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