20 Pieces of Technology (You’d Think We’d Have Mastered By Now)

By PopLurker Readers


Technology—it’s changed our existence over the course of time. Not only have we made leaps and bounds in terms of science and medical technology, but we’ve figured out ways to make our lives easier. However, with every convenience comes with setbacks, especially when the tech is new.

But what about when it’s a product that’s been around for a while and is for the most part, still busted?

We asked our readers which pieces of technology (that have been around for a while) they consider garbage, and their answers were nothing short of glitchtastic!



20) Water Filtration Suckage

 Getting the water to flow through the rectangle on the front of my refrigerator is the purest form of hell. Plus, automatic ice makers are bacteria ridden shit cans.


19) Plastic Trash Cube

I hate home printers. They jam all the time and they seriously just don’t work. For the love of all that’s technical, do we really need to use color ink to print in black? What kinda friggin’ racket are we allowing to be run on us here? And another thing, having a friend with a working printer is like having a friend with a truck -they screen your calls. I got some state of the art wireless printer for Christmas a few years ago that never linked with any of our computers and if it did it was out of a twenty dollar fuchsia cartridge that rendered it useless.


18) Not For Home Usage

On the topic of printers, I’m always in awe of people who want to buy printers for printing photos. I’ve tried to explain to friends the cost per sheet of paper versus just bringing an SD card or USB drive to WalGreens or WalMart! Those Kodak printers come to mind…so much money for lousy, expensive results!


17) Zero Fucks Given

Related image

CGI animation comes to mind. It’s tech right? Seriously, I get that sometimes it can come down to budget, maybe and studios can only spend so much, but T2 is almost 30 years old and still looks amazing. Yet some films in 2018 are just…blah.


16) Irregular Programming

two white ceramic plates near microwave on counter top

Microwaves and Washing Machines. Can we not get a consensus of functions and controls across the board? I don’t want to have to relearn how to wash my clothes every time I upgrade my appliances.


15) Bad Click

Image result for digital camera taking a picture

Digital cameras. Thank God for phone cameras!!


14) Bluetooth? More like POOtooth! ::high five::

Image result for bluetooth headset

My microphone on my Bluetooth in ear headphones. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “ what did you say it’s garbbled “ and have to switch to speaker or put the phone to my ear.


13) This doesn’t look like anything to me

Image result for usb ports

USB ports. Why do I have to remove it and try plugging it back in again 50 times before it gets recognized?


12) Alexander OLD Bell, amirite?

Image result for very first telephone

Phone lines. Why are we still using late 19th century tech for this? Pass your internet, phone and cable stuff through the power grid. I kinda hate power lines, also.


11) Step Off

Image result for full garbage

You know those trash cans with the step mechanism to open the lid? Why don’t we have that in everything? I want step doors, step water coolers, step frozen yogurt dispensers, step lights. How have these not happened yet?


10) Burrito Ingenuity

Related image

I think everything should be available in burrito form, shaped like cups for on the go. Why do we still plate?


9) Slower Than Molasses

Image result for slow internet

Not to be that guy, but internet in the US is really bad …and also cars with combustion engines should ancient technology by now.


8) Wallet Destruction

Image result for first cell phone

No smart phone should cost $1000. Period.


7) Fiber Wipe

Image result for planet toilet paper

If you wanna go all ”Demolition Man” – why are we still wiping our asses with handfuls of plant fiber?


6) Instant Fail

Image result for broken polaroid camera

Polaroid cameras! They’ve been around for so long. You’d think the printer paper would be cheaper.


5) Nonstandard Lube

Related image

Oil filters…every company makes up their own sizes and part numbers. Where is the oil filter Dewey Decimal System?


4) You had one job…

Image result for toaster on fire

Toasters! Any toaster I’ve owned has died, or stops working right in a matter of weeks or months.


3) PC Wasteland

Related image

All PCs I get are awful from purchase. Updates and constant madness. I have to allot thirty minutes before working to let the computer do god knows what.


2) Garbage Chips


I have a computer science degree and lately all computer equipment annoys me and the funny thing is I know they can do better because I see how but they choose to make crappy stuff.


1) Ducking Misery

Related image

Autocorrect. Duck autocorrect!


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