Actress Jenna Rae Frank Rumored to Lead Power Rangers As The Next Red Ranger

Will Legacy Power Ranger Jason David Frank finally pass the Dragon Dagger…to his own daughter?

It’s a great possibility!


Rumor has it that Jenna Rae Frank, the fourteen-year-old martial artist/model/actress is in line to lead a future series of Power Rangers after Power Rangers Beast Morphers completes its run. As many Power Rangers fans know, Beast Morphers is based off the 2012 Super Sentai series Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, which at the time was skipped over in the United States. The current Japanese season, which airs its next episode on December 16th, 2018 is called Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. And as you can see from the costumes, the red ranger is most definitely not a lady. But perhaps Hasbro can help make our dreams of a female Red Ranger finally come true, please!

If Jason David Frank is the ‘Obi Wan Kenobi’ of the Power Rangers franchise, then there’s no better Luke Skywalker than Jenna Rae Frank. It’s safe to say that the fandom is definitely ready for a female leader!

There’s no way to lose in this scenario; fans adore Jason David Frank’s Tommy Oliver. The character spans multiple seasons of Power Rangers and has worn nearly every color from green, to white, to red, to black. He’s been the good guy, the bad guy, the professor, and the villainous Lord Drakkon in the Shattered Grid comic book series. But with that, wouldn’t it be exciting if Jenna’s red ranger was in fact related to Tommy Oliver? Not that she doesn’t have the abilities or integrity to exist away from JDF’s character; she does. But at this point, the franchise and fandom are deep rooted in the Tommy character as well as JDF’s personal involvement. There was even a character in Power Rangers Zeo, Tommy’s long lost brother David Trueheart, played by Frank’s real-life brother Erik Frank. Sadly, Erik passed away in 2001, but the legacy of those ties are strong.

I mean, if Star Wars had midichlorians, perhaps being a Power Ranger is genetic too!


Returning to Jenna as the first female Red Power Ranger; yes, I know that there was a secondary red ranger in Power Rangers Super Samurai. The character was named Lauren Shiba, and she was Jayden Shiba’s sister (see, midichlorians! I’m not wrong!) This depiction is close, but no cigar. It’s the He-Man/She-Ra dynamic. It’s honor versus power. It’s ‘Sure, you’re a red ranger…but you’re not the red ranger.’ 

Jenna Rae Frank is no stranger to the Power Rangers universe. She’s very much present with her father at all sorts of Power Ranger related conventions and appearances. She’s also a red carpet dweller, visible alongside the Power Rangers Jedi Master at all times. He’s also ready to give her acting advice at the drop of a hat.

It’s also good to note that a much younger version of Jenna was prominently featured in the 2014 documentary series My Morphin’ Life by Machinima. But now, no longer a little girl, Jenna is edging into womanhood with a strong voice, style, and edge all her own. And if anyone is ready to carry on the legacy and lead a team of future Power Rangers, its her! Plus, being that she’s worked alongside her dad for so long, she has a deep understanding and respect for the franchise, its fandom, and how much fun we like to have at conventions!

PopLurker never misses a chance to have some Power Rangers fun.

And remember, my friends– Power Morphicon Express is coming up, which is in fact co-owned by Jason David Frank and OG Power Morphicon Convention show runner Scott Zillner. It’s more than just a job for this family– it’s legitimately their life!

But do we really have to wait until she’s eighteen to see her power that megazord? I mean, go back and watch that YouTube video up there. Look at this woman in action! Not only is she smart, strong, and inspiring…she looks like she’s ready to wreck some Putty faces right now!

Are you ready for Jenna to take the helm as a future red ranger? Tell me your thoughts and who you’d cast as the first female Red Power Ranger!

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  1. Except that the female Red Ranger in Samurai was supposed to be the leader but let her brother stay after she failed a sealing of the big baddie, and wasn’t the A-Squad in SPD led by a Female Red Ranger even if they did end up being bad guys?

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  2. “Rumored”

    By who exactly? Fans? Grain of Salt.

    1. Beast Morphers is on for 2019 and 2020

    2. Nickelodeon has a contact for Power Rangers until the end of 2021

    3. They haven’t had a Red Female Ranger leader with Sentai except the part time Red in Shinkenger.

    4. You can only have a female Red if Sentai has a female Red

    5. They haven’t even decided which Sentai to adapt next but none had a Female Red

    6. Casting for future series is the last thing on their mind.

    7. Although Sentai Males have been adapted as Females in the past. Those days are over. Jenna is petite and any footage used for any Sentai does not have a petite Ranger.

    8. She’s only 14

    9. This is just another click bait article with what a fan wants but does not hold any truth behind it.

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    • Javier they’ve cast people that didn’t fit the Sentai character in the past. In Gekisou Sentai Carranger the blue ranger was a 17 year old character, when it was adapted to the MMPR series as Power Rangers Turbo the blue ranger/Justin Stewart was played by 13 year old Blake Foster. When morphed he was still the size of an adult though.

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  3. I think she would make a really damn good red ranger. Yes she’s his daughter but she can stand on her own to. As a fan of her father since I was a kid I think his daughter deserves a chance to show everyone she can do it and having a legacy as a father makes it better. She would be continuing on his legacy.

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  4. HELL YES Hasbro make Jenna Rae Frank The next Female Red Ranger Jenna Rae Frank would make a amazing Female Red Ranger Just look at what her Dad Jason David Frank also known as Tommy Oliver has done for The Power Rangers Franchise their has not been a female Red Ranger since Power Rangers Super Samurais.Lauren!! Come on Hasbro let’s do it Make Jenna Rae Frank the next Red Ranger It’s Jenna Rae Frank’s Blood & it’s in Jenna Rae Frank’s being & hasbro i know Power Rangers Beast Morphers comes first & then Power Rangers Super Beast Morphers so Hasbro Lets Do it after those 2 Seasons I hope this helps you Jenna Love Arran Smith xxx

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